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People look sexyier when your pushed. *HIC!*

Alcholol makes you apprecitate the fine rhtings in life. It makes you things of things tyou normally don't nto mind thinkig about wither.

Typing[edit | edit source]

It has ome to my attention that my typing is not that good while i am drink</strikie> drunke. Ingeneral, editing skillss are <strinke>horirble and even though the words i inteded to come out are not tooo bad, the cautly compostion of the words and sentences themselves ar horrible.

varities[edit | edit source]

Whiseky - THe preffered drink of certain uncylopedians. Beer Piss Beer - Ususlly of the mexican Varity, the piss-beer Vodka Yeah therez vodka as well k.

Sick of that[edit | edit source]

THere's other things about alvhol to be talkin about. like how you don't care about things ou do, or things you thought, or typed or whatever.

Cmmon i want something new. How about some pictures... [ok here's some stuff.] Now what's here oh right! how abot this!? Lost.png

That's horrible though huh? I'm sure you guys want some pictures of prety ladieeeses of seomthing... how baout some boobs boobs.jpg

upon fruther reflc iton[edit | edit source]

Upon firther reflection, the boob;s pic didn't work. probably best i guess. like, it would somewqhat ruin the quality of this arcitlae. So anyaywa, back to the topic at hand,

The topice ant hand.==[edit | edit source]

oh crap yuou know what? i can't contine this. I'm feelng pretty 'howyou doing'. i think i should stup and probably go and eat something. Can't drive anymore, so i'm ordering a pizzza. oh no

Continuing edits (or deletion)[edit | edit source]

YTou know what, if some tother drunken stated person wants to continue this article - i think it'd be a good idea. Or otherwise just delte it. I wouldn't mind.

I feel sleepy. but jessiac albe maybe? Alba.jpg