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19 February 2013

Screenshot of the now-deleted article.

UNCYCLOPEDIA, VFD –- The comedy based wiki Uncyclopedia deleted an article today titled Britney Spears's grocery list. Critiquing the article as "unfunny listcruft", a number of editors of Uncyclopedia voted to delete an article that fell short of their high standards. High standards contrasted with the reality of a website with such a poor quality of content, but high standards nonetheless.

UnNews used its short connections to save the content of Britney Spears's grocery list, which was written as follows:

The stubby listcruft was written in 2005 by an anonymous IP and went unnoticed for more than seven years, until it was discovered by an experienced Uncyclopedian, thinking, "Wow, this is crap." The vote for deletion only lasted one day, yet received three votes in favor of its extermination. However, there was one 'keep' vote which included an ever timely and never overused "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!" reference.

When all of history is written by eternity, the only iota of amusement this crappy article ever brought to the world was when one voter quipped that the part about a grocery list by Britney Spears being more valuable than the Holy Grail wasn't far off, as TMZ would treat it as breaking news worthy of reanimating Walter Cronkite's cold decayed corpse.