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'Quality is soemthing you should aim for in an articl



this is what you wnat, ok --User:, 13 September 2007 (UTC)

mitchs penis also isnt quality on the contary its 2inch

I disagree-Oscar Wilde


orgins of quality are hazy and unnown but it was said to have come from the ancient myan temples, which we all know was built by the aliens and has little to do with the actuall people, and when qality died Quality was buried during the great epic battle of Xanthorth iv, which involved 7 alien species. Then, Abe lincoln uncovered quality, and used it during his life. When he was shot, the assassin took quality and buried it in the woods. Then, George Bush found the shit lying there, but it burned his eyes because his entire political foundation is based on anti-quality. The resulting explosions took out half of the mutant baby population, see Nuclear. The bushs that now exists are completely made up by the media to pretend that everything is ok. There is also no such thing as the internet, its all made up. seriously, none of the shit's real. When i found out i was like, Oh fuck! Hopefully, someone will find quality again, and mabey get us out of this shitthole we call a life.

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