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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Omegle is not a dating site. Please try to have interesting conversations here!

Stranger: hey, 15male looking for girl 14-16. if not that please diconnect

You: o wow

You: 15?! serius?!!

Stranger: yes

You: me 2 ;)

Stranger: name

You: mya

Stranger: nice

Stranger: mines Logan

You: hey logan

You: you sound cute $)

Stranger: thanks

Stranger: u too

Stranger: where u from

You: us

Stranger: state

Stranger: im from NY

You: same

Stranger: where

Stranger: im upstate

You: NYC

You: Manhattan

Stranger: nice

Stranger: what u look like

You: i can see were ur going ;)

You: want a pic?

Stranger: yeah

You: ok but

You: u need to show me 1 of u 2!

Stranger: yes i will

You: ok

You: il go 1st

Stranger: ok

You: ... 0064046281

Stranger: cutie

You: awwwwwwww

You: your sweet

Stranger: my turn....this pic is really old

Stranger: ... 193289.jpg

You: wow you look pretty buff

You: nothing like most of the guys in manhattan!!

Stranger: lol

Stranger: what do u mean

You: like

You: toned

You: fit

Stranger: i see

Stranger: what people in the city like

You: rude midgets

Stranger: oh

Stranger: your not

You: thank god

You: and thank you

You: :)

Stranger: :)

Stranger: how old are u agian

You: 15

Stranger: me too

You: yay

Stranger: whens your birthday

You: november 18

Stranger: reall

Stranger: really?

You: ye

Stranger: mines Nov 2

You: haha wow

Stranger: we are close

You: ya lol

Stranger: do u go on facebook alot

You: nah not really

Stranger: u got myspace

You: yeah but i dont use that either lmao

Stranger: lol

Stranger: do u have aim

You: nope!

Stranger: msn

You: nope!!

You: btw

You: have you ever.

You: cybered...

You: before?

Stranger: yes

Stranger: you

You: wow

You: not really

You: always wanted to *blush*

Stranger: i got tricked into it one day

You: ouch!

Stranger: stupid omegle

You: lol!!

Stranger: lol

Stranger: but its good know cause i met you

You: awwwwwww

You: thank you =)

Stranger: np

Stranger: do you like the city

You: not really =P

Stranger: lol

Stranger: do u come to albany ever

You: my aunt lives there i think

You: not sure where

Stranger: oh

Stranger: are you gonna get a car in the city

You: really dunno lmao

You: just drifiting while i can

Stranger: lol

You: enjoying life

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: 16 is gonna suck

Stranger: but fun

You: =(

You: yea

You: have you ever

You: had like

You: sex

You: before?

Stranger: nope

You: *Blush*

Stranger: im a virgin

You: me neither

Stranger: do u drink or smoke

Stranger: u dont look like u smoke

You: iv drunk once or twice

You: but nt rly

You: yea

Stranger: nice

Stranger: i have been more then once or twice

Stranger: like 6 or so times

You: damn

You: so jelous >=(

Stranger: my brother made me drink 5 times

Stranger: why u jelous

You: your way more experienced =(

You: lol

Stranger: im sorry i made u feel sad

Stranger: :(

You: im kidding speaking to you is gr8

You: =D

Stranger: YAY

Stranger: you got free txting

You: nah

Stranger: you txt

You: not rly

Stranger: oh

Stranger: what kind of phone u got

You: none =(

Stranger: why not

You: never bothered xD

Stranger: oh

Stranger: i could not live without mine

Stranger: i use it so much

Stranger: you play sports

You: nah

You: d'you

You: erm

You: wanna

You: maybe, try cybering?

You: *blush*

Stranger: do u want too

Stranger: why u blushing

You: embarassed

Stranger: dont be

You: never don it before either!

Stranger: u dont need to be embarassed

You: thx =)

Stranger: i like u

You: you make me feel so comfortable

You: omg +D

You: =D*

You: i like you too

Stranger: what kind of like

You: like a lot

Stranger: :D

You: as much as I can in 10 minutes

You: and maybe more.. ;)

Stranger: me too

Stranger: u play any sports

You: volleyball sometimes

You: but its not sunny that often lmao!

Stranger: nice

Stranger: lol

Stranger: you make me laugh

You: you make me laugh more!! xP

Stranger: i wish you had a cell phone

You: me too now =(

Stranger: can you get one

You: im definitely gona try

Stranger: go ask your parents

You: there not in =(

Stranger: where are they

You: out shopping i think

You: i normally go but i was too tired

Stranger: oh even better

You: only for food lmao!!

Stranger: oh

Stranger: :(

You: anyway my dads still a bit cross with me

Stranger: why is that

You: i stayed out a bit late xP

Stranger: when

Stranger: lastnight

You: yeah

You: i was out till like

You: 11

Stranger: where were u

You: and he was pretty mad because i was supposed to be back

You: just at a friends house

Stranger: ohh

Stranger: did u take the subway or something

You: just walked

You: its right nearby really

Stranger: oh

You: anyway when i came back he was on the sofa with the cane

Stranger: are you in a nice area

You: i was so scared

You: yeah

You: so then he grounded me after that

Stranger: thats stupid

Stranger: why with a cane

You: id done it a few times so apparently i needed a beating

You: =(

Stranger: did he hit u

You: yeah he does it when im really bad

Stranger: :'(

You: hes never cruel though

You: and always really sweet after

Stranger: thats still mean

You: its just embrassing having to take off my clothes =(

You: yeah a little

You: but its how hes always done it i guess

Stranger: he makes u take your clothes off

You: yeah he cant do it over clothes

You: he doesnt feel me or anything

You: but yeah its all a bit weird

You: especially as im 15

You: =(

Stranger: thats not nice of him

You: some of the other girls laugh at me

You: its just his way of doing things

You: and it works!!

You: im rarely naughty

Stranger: oh

Stranger: im a rebel

You: you sounded exciting =)

Stranger: do u like excitement

You: a lot!!

Stranger: like what kind

You: any

You: actually can i tell you a secret

Stranger: yeah

You: well

Stranger: i wont tell

You: this is kinda weird

You: i dont know what to think

You: but when he

You: beats me

You: i kind of

You: only recently

You: but i sort of like it

You: i dunno

You: its scary

You: i mean it hurts but i get sort of

You: turned on *blush*

Stranger: that just means u are horny

Stranger: it happens to everyone

You: guess being naked helps *blush*

You: thx so much

Stranger: he makes u take everything off

You: more or less

You: sometimes just the skit or pants

Stranger: has he seen u naked

You: yea

Stranger: :0

Stranger: when

You: more or less everytime when iv been really naughty

Stranger: thats not good

You: nah its ok like i said hes not weird about it

You: the embarassment is like part of it

Stranger: whats your mom say about it

You: shes ok with it

You: somestimes she does it herself

Stranger: well it wouldnt be as weird with her doing it

Stranger: cause u r same sex

Stranger: but i wouldnt let my parnets make me take my clothes off

You: im a bit shyer =)

Stranger: im really shy

You: but yeah my mum does it every month or so

You: just to keep my on my toes

You: my dad only does it when im REALLY bad

Stranger: what do your parents do

You: mum works at home, not sure what my dad does

You: business something

Stranger: oh

Stranger: have you told your school about what they do to u

You: a few friends and teachers no

You: but really its not a big deal

You: some people just do it that way over here

You: they dont abuse me or anything

You: they're just stricter than most

Stranger: oh

You: and i told you im almost beginning to enjoy it

You: wow i dont think iv ever told anyone so much about myself

Stranger: its your hormons

You: ye

You: ^^

Stranger: i think i might ly

You: about what =o

Stranger: love you= ly

You: oh rite

You: oh wow

You: no ones ever said that to me b4

You: and

You: i think i ly =)

Stranger: its just something about u

You: awwwww

You: thank u ^ ^

Stranger: np

Stranger: do you masterbate

You: ye i hav before

Stranger: do u do it alot

You: not loads really

Stranger: loads?

Stranger: mean alot

You: yeah

Stranger: you might wanna start doing it alot

Stranger: if u r gettin enjoyment from gettin hit on your ass

You: *blush*

You: yeah thats kinda what i think of

You: i just

You: get a pillow

You: and pretend thats whats happening

You: omg i feel so secure talking to you

Stranger: dont blush please

You: ok +)

You: thx

Stranger: pretend whays happin

Stranger: whats*

You: ?

Stranger: Stranger: yeah thats kinda what i think of

Stranger: i just

Stranger: get a pillow

Stranger: and pretend thats whats happening

Stranger: what do u mean

You: oh erm

You: u now

You: what my mum and dad do

Stranger: oh u hit yourself now

You: nah i just pretend

You: that would be weird!!

You: rite?

Stranger: idk

Stranger: some girls do it

You: oh =(

You: well do you think its weird?

Stranger: do u

You: im not sure

You: ye rly

You: but i sorta enjoy it i think

You: i dont no =(

Stranger: its ok

Stranger: you are almost 16 its your hormos

You: ^ ^

You: thank u

Stranger: np

You: omg i feel pretty horny now *BLUSH*

You: +o

You: =o*

Stranger: but u dont need to be blushing

Stranger: its ok

Stranger: im shy

Stranger: and you are shy its all good

You: heh

You: we're matched perfect lmao

You: +D

You: =D*

Stranger: :D

Stranger: what kind of clothes you wear

You: dresses and skirts mostly

You: pretty sorta girly clothes

Stranger: oh

Stranger: do you wear Am or hollister

You: not rly heh

Stranger: me either

Stranger: i hate there clothes

You: lol

You: do u wana

You: try

You: cybering?

Stranger: cyber

Stranger: lool

You: lmao

You: i mean

Stranger: i know u were gonna say that

You: i mean iv never

You: thought about sex much

You: but now with you im like

You: i wish i was upstate ='(

Stranger: lol

Stranger: :P

Stranger: you making e horny

Stranger: me*

You: your making ME horny ^ ^

Stranger: :)

You: wanna try it? *giggle*

Stranger: if you wanna

Stranger: im up for anything

You: k

You: but its my first time so go easy!!

Stranger: its my second

Stranger: im still pretty bad

You: heh

Stranger: you wanna start or me

You: youd better xP

Stranger: ok

Stranger: i come to see you

Stranger: and you ask me to come to your bedroom and i say ok.

Stranger: your turn

You: i walk through to my room and you follow me

You: i shrug my dress off my shoulders and step towards you

You: i kick off my shoes as i move into your reach

Stranger: i kiss you

Stranger: and start to make out

Stranger: and then we sit on your bed

Stranger: and keep making out

You: i lay flat on the bed as you keep kissing me

You: i slide the dress down my body and off me

You: i softly say "Logan" kissing you softly

Stranger: i move down your body

Stranger: kissing your boobs

Stranger: and keep moving down

Stranger: and take your panties off

You: i moan gently

Stranger: i lick your virgina

Stranger: and finger it at the same time

You: i whine in happiness and your fingers fondle me

You: i slowly roll around, almost onto my front, before jerking up and keeping my back to you

Stranger: i come up and start making out with u agian

Stranger: and still fingering you

You: again i thrash softly in ecstasy

Stranger: and i pull your dress of complety

Stranger: off*

You: i gasp in shock before giggling in happiness

You: i throw my hands behind my back so you can't see it

Stranger: see what

You: "nothing" I reply, and begin to kiss you again

Stranger: i pull your bra off

You: my arms block the way of the bra, but i refuse to move them, then i demand you tear it off

You: i keep them firmly behind my back

Stranger: i tear it off your sexy body

You: i gasp at your strength

Stranger: and i pull your panties off

Stranger: and you are complety naked

You: i shiver in apprenhension and almost take my hands from between the bed and my back

Stranger: i go down on you again

Stranger: and suck your virgina

Stranger: and start fingering your ass

You: your finger slides between my cheeks

You: i begin to roll over onto my front

Stranger: i get you to cum

Stranger: all in my face

You: i quickly jerk before you can see my back

Stranger: im still clothed

Stranger: and you take my shirt off

Stranger: and then start pulling my pants off

You: i pull at the pants

You: i work the button but it gets sorta stuck

You: i look at you and we laugh

You: i tug harder and the button shoots off

You: pinging into my eye

You: i recoil in pain and fall onto my front

Stranger: i asked if u are ok

You: exposing my back

You: and the throbbing torpid phallus that stands erect like a mightly pinnacle of manhood

You: i shriek realising what i have exposed

You: but at that moment my penis blows its load, knocking me to the floor

Stranger: you got a penis

You: huh?!!

Stranger: but at that moment my penis blows its load,

You: oh yeah im a hermaphrodite *blush*

Stranger: ok

You: i thought id keep it realistic

Stranger: keep going

You: ok

You: i am winded by the fall and lie breathing heavily on the ground

You: my shaft wavers in the air, fluctuating between erect and floppy

Stranger: i ask you to give me a blow job

Stranger: and i will finger you in the ass and spank you

You: i kneel in front of you

You: i grasp your manly shaft in my hands

You: and you reach over me to fondle my ass

You: but at that moment my dick becomes rigid like granite, slamming upwards and jabbing you in the eye

You: i try to apologise but like a pendulum it falls the other way, slapping into my bare flesh causing me to shriek

Stranger: i ask if i can fuck you know

Stranger: now*

You: i tumble forwards in shock and it swings back upwards, hitting me in the back of the head

You: i collapse against the cupboard

You: blood seeping from a gash in my skull

You: i mumble "yes"

Stranger: then i help you clean your head up

Stranger: and we start to fuck in the bathroom

Stranger: i pick you up

Stranger: and move you up and down on my cock

Stranger: you are around my neck

Stranger: holding on

You: i begin to cry as my own cock continuously beats me repeatedly while you screw me

You: the pain mixes with the pleasure of our sex

You: and bruises form along my back

Stranger: i keep fucking you and i ask if you want to go to your bedroom again for more room

Stranger: and you say yes

Stranger: so we go back and i fuck u in the ass and spank you

Stranger: and call u and naughty girl

You: as your hand slaps the bruise i jump away from you crying

You: i pick up a lamp and throw it at you

Stranger: we get dressed

Stranger: and i help you clean your bedroom up and make you feel better

Stranger: by cuddling with you

You: you think the cuddling makes me better but i hide the fact im reaching behind me and jacking off

Stranger: where are u jacking off

Stranger: fingering your ass?

You: wanking my dick?

You: one on my back?

Stranger: lol

Stranger: you wanna talk normal now??

You: huh?

You: oh right no more cybering

You: sorry i forgot to tell you im a hermaphrodite btw

You: i thought you would leave or something

Stranger: that means what

You: and i love you so much right now

You: a girl with a penis *blush*

Stranger: you got a penis

You: duh

Stranger: wtf

Stranger: how u get that

You: was born with it

You: its a rare condition

You: yeah some people find it weird going out with a girl with a phallus

You: and yes

You: i did just ask you out

You: it'll be hard because we live so far away

You: but i love you so much we can make it work

Stranger: we dont live so far away

You: true

Stranger: so you have a penis and a virgina

You: yeah =(

Stranger: where is your penis

You: on my back

Stranger: where

You: lower back

You: above my ass

Stranger: why dont you get it cut off

You: i can't

You: we don't have the money too afford power tools

You: and hacksaws aren't strong enough

Stranger: not like that

Stranger: i mean like surgry

You: thats what i meany

You: have to pay for their tools

Stranger: so what does your penis do

You: just acts like a penis

You: i dont wee from it

You: but i can jizz, masturbate, get erected

Stranger: but can u still jizz from your virgna

You: its pretty annoying cause it can hit me quite hard

You: yeah

Stranger: im sorry

You: nah im sorry

You: its ok though im glad to hear your ok with it

You: your so understanding i love you so much

Stranger: it will be werid

Stranger: but can live with it

You: yeah i mean im not really a guy

You: just on the outside

You: and some of the hormones

Stranger: do your friends know about it

You: nah

Stranger: does anyone know

You: Erm

You: Do you know what a troll is?

You: On the Internet?

Stranger: yes

You: Right

You: Well

You: Would you happen to be one?

Stranger: nope

You: Goddammit seriously

You: You are actually that stupid?

You: Fuck man

You: You need help seriously

Stranger: hehe

Stranger: i tricked u

You: Oh thank God you are

You: Phew

Stranger: im a good troll

You: You should raise the bar a bit!!

Stranger: lol

Stranger: did u really make that facebook

You: Yeah

Stranger: just for tis

Stranger: this*

You: Yup!!

Stranger: lol

Stranger: thats funny

You: Most of the time I pretend to be Russian

Stranger: im gonna have to do that

You: It's damn useful

Stranger: i thought u wear a girl

Stranger: but i knoww some of the things u wear saying where fucked up

Stranger: i was like no girl would say this shut

Stranger: shit*

You: Yup!!

You: Or any sane person really

You: But hey!

Stranger: u from NYC

You: Am I hell

You: English

Stranger: word

You: I am 15 though!

Stranger: im from Cali

You: Well damn

You: Anyway I need to go and pretend I'm a murderer

You: Tally Ho!

Stranger: ok

Stranger: lol

You have disconnected.