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This user is on vacation, sabbatical, administrative leave, or is otherwise goofing off with the knowledge and/or consent of the Admins. Or, more likely, they've buggered off without saying boo to anyone. Their expected date of return is never. If you're lonely, or you miss them, leave a message.

All of this is crap

Bush-jail bars-war criminal.jpg This user hates George Bush and therefore believes he must be arrested and tried for war crimes.
Coolface.png This user is just your friendly neighborhood cyberbully/troll, per conviction without questioning.

One Fierce Beer Coaster icon.jpg This user wore velour flares until the late eighties.
This user chooses the fate of articles on VFD. Fear Them.
Sucrose b small.gif This user joined the Folding@home Team, because he/she gives a damn & so should you.

Sex This user is against sexuality; probably because it is not a pervert like you.
Unskypelogo.png This user uses Skype!
Skypename: timjenkkkins
la-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of Latin.
ja-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of 日本語.
rot13-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of EBG13.
uk-4 This user speaks Correct English at a near-native level.
us-N This user is a native speaker of American English.
en-N This user is a native speaker of English.
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