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Picture of Mommy. By Me

“My mommy is a nice lady.”

~ Me on my mommy

My mommy is a person who lives with us. She feeds me yummy foods and tucks me in at night.

Biograghy[edit | edit source]

This is where daddy met mommy.

Mommy was creatd when Daddy needed someone to help raise me. He went out and said "There is a good mommy." Mommy then started to help Daddy with stuff. A couple of months later, Mommy gave me some goatmeal. It was yummey. My mommy tucked me in the next day and then she left home to become a phyciatrist. When she came back, she had some money to give to Daddy. She left home more often ater that because Daddy said that it was a good job. Lots of guys tell Daddy she does a good job. I'm glad mommy is so smart.

I was a littal sad but was stil happy each day when she camed back too give Daddy some more money. I asked Daddy why she had to leave so much and he said that he wanted a to save up for college. That bugs me because I'm the one who has to go to college, not Daddy.

Features[edit | edit source]

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Actually, it might have been here.

She can tuck me in when I'm sleepy, but she's never really home to do it. And, she makes me yummy goatmeal. I like goatmeal. She's the best.

This one time, she took me too space by making a rocket out of my tent. It waz fun. Mommy is really fun. She likes playing games, unlike other mommy's. This one time, she was playing World of Warcraft, and then she told me not to watch like a good mommy should tell her kids.

Also, Daddy says she is a robot does everything he tells her to. That's good cause he tells her to make goatmeal.

Where Is She Now?[edit | edit source]

Mommy lives at my house and sometimes her friends come over to have a playdate. She is steal a phyciatrist and still gives money to Daddy to help him go to collage. (Even thogh I'm the one who needs to go to college.)

Right now she's with someone Daddy called "a client". I don't know what that means but Daddy says he is some rich guy who's been having relationship troubles and that mommy is gonna help him. I hope she does a good job helping him.

Sometimes Daddy tapes the sessions and sell them to other people who want to be phyciatrists. They pay alot of money for the tapes because they are so informative, but Daddy won't let me watch them. I don't c why Daddy needs so much money for college. He has about six suitcases full of money and two more filled with sugar, but he doesn't let me eat any of it. Dat is OK cuz I like goatmeal more.

This one time[edit | edit source]

Mommy's client who said she had I great pussy. He talked funny.

This one time, one of Mommy's clients sayd that mommy had a great pussy. I asked what he wuz tall-king aboat and mommy told me he was talking about her cat. I dedn't know she had a cat; that's because mommy says Daddy is alergic to cats so she cun't bring it here. Cats are kool. Shi says she leaves it at her other hose, dough.

It's cool that mommy has to houses. I wish I could go to the other one but Daddy won't let me. Hes a good daddy.