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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Ooooh, I tells ya, these union guys is something fierce! They'd beat me in a inch of my life if they saw me! But I ain't doing it for them, I'm doing this for ya, the reader, so yous has something to be entertained with during this whole kerfuffle!
Dats da boss man givin me my salaries under da table. He pays me in print outs of monkey jpegs and half-eaten tuna sammichs. It ain't half bad, actually.

Hey folks, it is me Joe McGee, scab worker extra-ordinaire. Folks like me get a bad rep, ya see, cuz we cross the line an' keep things rolling along when the big bosses and the union thugs get into a little disagreement. But all I'm trying ta do, I tells ya, is keep my family on the table and my food fed. It ain't easy for guys like me, what with the vilification and the lower-than-usual wages I get paid, but I don't let none of that bother me. No, ya see, I just wake up early - before the strikers get outside - and get to work. I even gotta stay late until they get home fores I can leave ta see my kids.

But I does it for you, the reader.

And ya know what, if me getting treated like dirt an being underpaid and having a total disregard for safety protocols is what it takes to keep the machinations of this place running, so bees it. I'm da guy who'll work when nobody else wants to. And that's okay. In fact, I'm kinda a hero if I do says so myself. Even if duh bosses who snuck me in ain't giving me no healthcare or dental or sick days, wells, frankly, I don't think they are such bad guys. Nah, how can they be? They givin me a chance, and ain't that all we all want in life, a chance?

So anyway, don't you worry yours pretty little head, dollface. Just cuz theirs a writers strike going on with all the big wig Hollywood types and whatnot don't means ya can't get yours funny haha articles and UnNews reports.

Cause guess what? You can. And it's all thanks ta lil ol' me, Joe McGee, Scab Extra-ordinaire!

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