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Goa Tse is a great philosophist. He teaches us to respect others, to be humble, to be generous and to be smart, not retarded. How do we do it? We want people to know about Goa Tse's philosophies to enable us to serve God and to beat the fundamentalists, for God hates them.

Goa Tse wants God's Word to be spread by the Three Ways of Goa Tse Do:

  • Ka Ra Te Dong
  • Me It'ching
  • Hung Wang

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The Goa Tse Clan

This is the Goa Tse Clan-UnLeaks Liberation Authority. Our goal is to create articles as part of a large project called the Great Uncyclopedia Article Construction Project (GUACP). The aim of the Goa Tse Clan is to write and create new articles, similar to that of the long-gone Imperial Colonization. We stood from the ruins of IC, to start a new article collaboration project. But first, one must join the Goa Tse Clan by following the prompts listed below. We expect those who join the Goa Tse Clan to help out in the creation of new articles as part of the GUACP, and participate in the Senate where we decide on new ideas for Uncyclopedia.

will start on December 7, 2011.


There are different ranks to suit the Clan. There are four currently available. Attach them to your sigs when you join:

  • Head Priest (GiratinaOriginForme.png)
  • Priest (GiratinaOriginForme.png) MUST WORK ON AT LEAST 20 ARTICLES OF THE GUACP
  • Sage (Goa tse glyph.jpg) MUST WORK ON AT LEAST 10 ARTICLES OF THE GUACP
  • Monk (male)/Nun (female) (Magnemite.gif)

NOTE: There is only one Head Priest.


To join, request at the Registration Office and I will approve it THEN add your name below. Please note that approval will range from a few days to three weeks. And when you are accepted, attach this to your page:

Goa tse glyph.jpg
This user is a member of the Goa Tse Clan. This user does not want Uncyclopedia to be the worst.
Goa tse glyph.jpg

Member Points Rank/Title
Joe9320, 0 Founder and Head Priest
Sockpuppet of an unregistered user 0 Monk
Frosty 0 Monk
Shimazu 0 Monk
Sirmixxalot0 0 Monk

Today, we will begin the Age of Uncyclopedia- the Age in which articles are written to the highest quality!

Oscar Wilde

Open it, and it shall receive