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Cow Moo Cult!

So ye come here about the CMC, have ya? Aye, that's the Cow Moo Cult. Well yes, naturally I am mad.

The CMC is a cult devoted, solely, to the worship of cows. It aims to bring the goodness of cow teachings and cow morals to our community. It is also an excuse to add titles to your name, templates and honours to your userpage and much more! We were founded by YTTE some time, not that long ago. Now you too can access almost instant salvation by just joining the CMC!

And now the CMC's Mafia are here to protect all cow worshippers! If you want to go that extra mile in devotion to the cow way of life, why not sign up to the Mafia division of the CMC?


  1. QotF CMC FSt. Yettie (Mafia)
  2. Courtier CMC FBu. VGDictator {Isshiki}
  3. CMC Mgr. Fnoodle The Bot
  4. Courtier HaGr. CMC Mgr. Cajek
  5. CMC Mgr. MNM5150
  6. CMC Mgr. Disk Jockey Irreverance
  7. CMC Mgr. LilRebel616
  8. CMC Mgr. SovietGaara
  9. CMC MuCal. Orian (Mafia)
  10. CMC Mgr. Mnbvcxz
  11. CMC MuCal. Tayor
  12. CMC Mgr. TuoDecaps
  13. CMC Mgr. Berry
  14. CMC Mgr. ManEatingBadger
  15. CMC Mgr. BurekSP (Mafia)
  16. CMC Mgr. Sycamore
  17. CMC Mgr. Nacky (Mafia)
  18. CMC Mgr. Zim_ulator
  19. CMC Mgr. Mhaille
  20. CMC Mgr. Psmudge
  21. CMC Mgr. Baseball16
  22. CMC Mgr. THEDUDEBOT The Bot
  23. CMC Mgr. Zakolus
  24. CMC Mgr. King samwich
  25. CMC Mgr. Samclam23
  26. CMC Mgr. Humpldumple
  27. CMC Mgr. Bebe_malvado
  28. Courtier-Speaker CMC FBu. McWooty
  29. CMC Mgr. Misterchief zomg
  30. CMC Mgr. 4096.256.16.1 (Mafia)
  31. CMC Mgr. Prettiestpretty
  32. CMC MuCal. Jocke Pirat
  33. CMC Mgr. Kingkitty
  34. CMC Mgr. Readmesoon
  35. CMC Mgr. IL7Soulhunter
  36. CMC Mgr. Sonic80
  37. CMC Mgr. Evil Pi
  38. CMC Mgr. Gert5
  39. CMC Mgr. Bobofosho2
  40. CMC Mgr. Tom mayfair
  41. CMC Mgr. Sean the wiry, bony, and thin (Mafia)
  42. CMC Mgr. Cactuar Prime
  43. CMC Mgr. Methamphetamine (Mafia)
  44. CMC Mgr. Trrri333 (Mafia)
  45. CMC Mgr. The dark prince (Mafia)

Non-Uncyclopedia Members:

  1. CMC FSt. Gahuba
  2. CMC CG Dyavoie
  3. CMC Mgr. Aoe
  4. CMC Mgr. Yeoeh
  5. CMC Mgr. Ahha
  6. CMC Mgr. Davo
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