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Cow Moo Cult!

See, this is the important bit, the good bit... It's the title and the ranks... YTTE is currently the only Four Stomach (FSt.) on Uncyclopedia. Once you've entered the cult you can be "promoted" by gaining Cow Mooage or doing good cow related things. If you become a Chew Grass or Four Stomach then you can officially know what the the Super Special Secret is.

Rank Name Description Prefix Extra
Four Stomachs The Highest Of The High CMC FS or CMC FSt. Template
Chew Grass Totally Punked Up CMC CG Meh.
Full Bull Big, Fat, Fighty Officer CMC FBu Template
Musk Bull Big Fat, Semi-Officer CMC MBu Meh.
Full Calf Ain't He/She Sweet? CMC Cal Template
Musk Calf Ain't He/She Sweet? CMC MuCal Template
Mud Grunt Peasant CMC Mgr Template
Musk (standard member) CMC Meh.
Cow Shit The Lowest Of The Low CMC CoShi Meh.

CMC Honours have been recently added and can be awarded to CMC members for no varying reasons. The below table lists all honours, and, of course, the highest has been awarded to YTTE! What a surprise! The most important honour is at the top and they work down in order of importance. All CMC Honour members can edit the CMC Announcements Page and are entitled to other fascinating awards. No, not that.

Honour Name Prefix Info
Queen Of The Fairies QotF Not as in homosexual (as such), but actually queen of the fairies...
Lord Of The Fairies LotF Wooh a Lord, much more dignified than a Queen, 'ey?
The Isshiki Medal Isshiki Named after VGDictator, the CMC's first full member (excluding YTTE), this medal is awarded to those who have been a member for fifty days or more
Speaker Spk. Special CMC Parliament duties, as defined in the Decree for the Speaker May 2008
Courtier Courtier This is a special honour that it's holder a member of the Upper Court of the CMC Parliament
Shizzle Dizzle ShDi Can you feel the Shizzle Dizzle? This is just for plain awesomeness
Cows Moo To You CMtY You're pretty special if cow moo to you
= Cow Knight Kow. Woo a knightly knight!
= Cow Lady Kow. Not an insult, no really, it's the female equivalent of Cow Knight
Hallowed Grass HaGr The lowest, yet still pretty awesome, award.
CMC Non-Cow Honour
(or Skullcow Honour)
NoCo. For non-CMC members, who did something for the cult.