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Choose a squadron, or two, or all.

Twin Suns Squadron(18th Twin Suns)

Job: Reverting Vandalism, Reporting Vandals, and Placing Crap on QVFD, VFD, and ICU

Blue Squadron(92nd Deputies)

Job: Breaking up destructive flame wars, unless on BHOP

Generic Squadron(107th Ravens)

Job: Dying in Y-wings Helping users with everyday problems

Magnum Squadron(70th Magnums)

Job: Managing the Army

Reserve Squadron(53rd Derelicts)

Job: Being ready to be called up to one of these squadrons


Job: Assisting the Grue Army during vandal outbreaks and stuff, but not joining

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Soldier: First rank when you join
Heavy Soldier: 5 plusses
Corporal: 20 plusses
Sergeant: 50 plusses
Lieutenant: 90 plusses
Major: 160 plusses
Admiral: 250 plusses
General: 350 plusses
High General: 500 plusses
  • Leoispotter:40
  • Magic man:567
  • Happytimes:0
  • Electrified mocha chinchilla:1
  • Fudgemobile:369
  • Iwillkillyou333:0
  • Socky:0
  • ComradeSlice:0
  • Lollipop:0
  • Cat The Colorful:0
  • Mimo&maxus:1
  • Meganew:2315
  • Flaminfinger13:23
  • Aleister in Chains:1
  • JebusCryst:0
  • Poiz:80
  • Dancing dude:0
  • Vox:0
  • TheSlyFox:96
  • Kevindong:240

Tips for New Users needing help

Even as little blocks, we will protect you.
  • If you want to keep your article from being ICU'd, QVFD'd, or VFD'd place {{contruction}} on your article. Or you can make a user sub-page like User:<insert name here>/Article WIP.
  • If you need help, you can go to The Help forum, or this place. Please follow, and read the link in BIG LETTERS.

Other ways to get help include:

Asking a Grue Army member (We won't eat you, don't worry.)
Bribe Ask an sysop. They might know.
Try IRC, or the dump, a few users are willing to help you there.
  • If you would like other's opinion on your articles, send a request in Pee Review.
  • A good place to ask for help on spelling and grammar is Ceridwyn's proofreading service.
  • Before editing, read HTBFANJS, BGBU, and many others. The more, the better your article's chances will be.
  • If you want to vandalize, the Grue Army will come upon you, DESTROY your edits, and report you to Ban Patrol for banning. If you would like to report a vandal, go here.
  • If you would like to be educated by an experienced user, ask about being adopted. Go to Adopt-A-Noob although I like to think of n00bs as "New users." Go to Uncyclopedia:AAN/Adopters to see a list of people wanting to adopt.