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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Deadpool?

Lightning-with-streamers.jpg This user is the god of comics, nerds, geeks, dorks, low self-esteem, useless knowledge, and grapes.


2019 Happy Monkey Award!
Hmc 3rd.png

Congratulations, Jaxpool, for getting 3nd place in the 2019 Happy Monkey Contest!

Random Stuff[edit]

Guitar-22px.jpg This user plays guitar, because it attracts more groupies, and gets more solos than the bass.
Whiz-comics-N1 jpg.jpg This user is a comic book geek. This user has in encyclopedic knowledge of people in masks, capes and tights. No matter what comic universe those characters belong in.

Rabidanimal.jpg This user is a Game player. They have probably been eaten by a lot of Grues, so give them some slack.