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Jaxpool Is Omnipotent

Lightning-with-streamers.jpg This user is the god of comics, nerds, geeks, dorks, low self-esteem, useless knowledge, and grapes.

I just finally discovered what's wrong with my brain: on the left side there is nothing right and on the right side, there is nothing left. - Anonymous

Stuff About Me[edit | edit source]

Hi, I'm Jaxpool, a huge nerd. I read comic books almost all the time. When I'm not reading comics I'm reading books or watching reruns of Gundam Wing. I love anime and comedies. Musicals are up there in my favorites. I've been an alcoholic since the age of 3. What? I thought this was an AA group meeting. Oh. Scratch that last part. The books I read vary from comedies, to science fiction, to knights and stuff, to some romance, and quite a bit of godly books and mythology. I also read a lot of history books. Not on American history though, 'cause that sucks. I read almost every god-like book out there except the Bible. I do, however, read the Bibble. I'm also Canadian (sort of). I speak a lot of french, although not well as d4nny phantom will tell you if you ask. I speak new-speak. Memes are my religion. I'm not political because the world is already falling apart, so why concern yourself with politics. The other stuff is gonna be listed. If I figure out other stuff I wanna say then I will but right now I don't care enough.


Favorite Movies[edit | edit source]

Iron Eagle Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 1-2


Sound of Music

Favorite Shows[edit | edit source]


Dragon Ball Super


Law and Order

Justice League Unlimited

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Voltron (Old and New)

He-Man: Masters of the Universe


One Punch Man

Rick And Morty

Favorite Music[edit | edit source]


Guns n' Roses




David Bowie

Rick Astley

Hamilton Sound Track

Favorite Books[edit | edit source]

American Gods

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Of Mice and Men

Ready Player One

The Giver

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Once and Future King


To Kill a Mockingbird

Friends[edit | edit source]



d4nny phantom







Articles[edit | edit source]

Art's True Meanings

Avengers: Infinity War

Ancient Mythology


Alpha flight

Guardians of the galaxy

Moon knight

UNScripts:Thot Patrol


Old West

Favorite Marvel Superheroes[edit | edit source]

  • Deadpool
  • Moon Knight
  • Human Torch
  • Spider-Man
  • Falcon
  • Rocket Racoon
  • Iceman (Pride)
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Black Panther

Favorite DC Superheroes[edit | edit source]

  • Rebis
  • Flash
  • Robin (Tim Drake)
  • Hawk + Dove
  • Batman
  • Firestorm
  • Superboy
  • Red Hood
  • Wonder Woman
  • Hawk Girl
  • Swamp Thing
  • Red Tornado

Favorite Graphic Novels[edit | edit source]

Wachtmen Cowboy, Ninja, Viking Kraven's Last Hunt Deadpool: Killustrated The Night of the Living Deadpool Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade

Random Stuff[edit | edit source]

Guitar-22px.jpg This user plays guitar, because it attracts more groupies, and gets more solos than the bass.

Whiz-comics-N1 jpg.jpg This user is a comic book geek. This user has in encyclopedic knowledge of people in masks, capes and tights. No matter what comic universe those characters belong in.

Rabidanimal.jpg This user is a Game player. They have probably been eaten by a lot of Grues, so give them some slack.

Canada[edit | edit source]

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I am a Canadian.
I love Nickleback, I love Rush, I have all the maple leafs and syrup I need, I am polite to everyone.
Canada is my home.