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WARNING!!!!! If you have PHOTOSENSITIVE Epilepsy, please DO NOT scroll down past this point!!!!! Seriously.
Guugh guh guh Epi Epi Epi Epi lepticleptic guh guh seezezzezezzs zure!

“In Soviet Russia, epilepsy gets YOU!!”

~ Lumpylion on Pokemon

Epilepsy, when the brain misfires: noun, meaning 'to vibrate'.

The Epileptic is one whose brain misfires and vibrates.

Inside an epileptic brain[edit]

First discovered in a Greek nunnery, epilepsy is a condition where your mind loses its grip with reality simply because you see a bunch of flashing images. This has been attributed to people with unusually excitable brains. Whenever an epileptic brain witnesses a flashing image, it loses control similar to the way a partygoer loses control during a rave. The brain does the neurological equivalent of "getting on the floor" and "dancing till its feet can't feel the ground." Epileptic brains have a tendency to "not stop till they drop." Additionally, these flashing images invite the brain to "get high" on them, and hence an epileptic brain exposed to flashing images ends up becoming the neurological equivalent of a wasted partygoer. Similar to the wasted partygoer's slurring and having no idea of where the fuck he is, and epileptic brain also tends to "misfire", which is the neurological equivalent of driving whilst on drugs.

However, this wasted epileptic brain ends up playing havoc on its owner. Epileptics are known to subconsciously swirl around, staring blankly into space. This is because their brain is dancing to the tune of the flashing images. Whenever an epileptic brain gets high on the flashing images, its owner begins to lose touch with reality. Just like the a rave partygoer eventually gets wasted and doesn't remember what he did at the party, epilepsy patients scarcely remember when and how they were knocked out by a flashing image, and what crazy stuff they did once they were exposed to the flashing image. Hence, epilepsy is termed to be a "neurological disorder", thanks to how ridiculously gullible the epileptic brain is.
We warned you.

Epileptic accounts[edit]


“I just saw a bunch of flashing strobe-lights. Next thing I knew, they were all upon me, screaming Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

~ a fan of Usher on his epilepsy

“Purple Day, Purple Day, gotta get down on Purple Day, every brain is looking forward to the seizures.”

~ epileptic guy on Rebecca Black

“I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! I know, I know I know and I think he likes it!”

~ epileptic brain of a guy, shortly before he puked and passed out.


What can cause a seizure?[edit]


Seizure.gifSeizure.gif Seizure.gifSeizure.gif

Or this[edit]


And of course this[edit]


As well as...[edit]


And this too:[edit]


But what about this?[edit]


And this...[edit]



Right now, you are under the belief that you are reading an article. This is in fact not true. In reality, your brain is short-circuiting very rapidly and firing synapses in quick succession. As your grey matter quickly turns to mush, you might begin to lose your grip on reality. This is perfectly normal for someone whose grey matter is quickly turning to mush.

What can I do?[edit]

Nothing. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...I'm half crazy over the love of you...