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Jughead after succumbing to Stupidity Syndrome.

Stupidity syndrome is a complex of symptoms indicating the undesirable trait of stupidity. While all people tend to be stupid without having it, all people with stupidity syndrome are inherently stupid. This is mistakingly interpreted with a prejudice of people with stupidity syndrome being stupid every waking moment of their lives. Once again, it must be stressed that people with stupidity syndrome are only stupid most of the time, not all of the time. Additionally, people without stupidity syndrome tend to be stupid a lot, also, just like you. (Unless you're me. Ace waz here)


Stupidity syndrome is the world's most commonly misunderstood diagnosis. Stupidity syndrome is not, as most people would think, something you just happen to be born with or something that you get if a person with the syndrome coughs on you or has sex with you. In reality, stupidity syndrome is composed of a line of royal descendants, the first one having the syndrome, and the descendant having it, and so forth. Dan Brown's critically acclaimed novel, The Da Vinci Code, says that stupidity syndrome is made of a line of the descendants from its first carrier, Dr. Seuss. (The film was protested when it was first displayed in theaters, but then everybody liked the movie anyway, so the historical misconception utterly disappeared while Dan Brown was laughing all the way to the bank) As for a conclusion of diagonsis, if your mother or father had stupidity syndrome then you have stupidity syndrome as well. The disease is not sexually transmitted, but can only be transferred by birth, so diagnosis is relatively easy. If you happen have stupidity syndrome, you have three options:

  1. Hide your identity. You are stupid most of the time, so this option enables you to talk smart while being stupid. If you choose this option, you may want to take an ancient art of being stupid but talking smart, called pretending. Tom Cruise is teaching private lessons.
  2. Be proud. You are one of the few descendents with this rare gene! You have royal blood! Tell the whole world that you have stupidity syndrome and act like a king.
  3. Commit suicide. You might get famous, and it would feel good to be famous.

If you are not sure if one or more of your parents have the syndrome, you can diagnose it yourself by constantly watching House and develop intuition about these kinds of things.

Stupidity Syndrome Technology[edit]

In 1984, it was decided that all the stupid people in the world needed to be rounded up and kept under watch. This 'Stupidity Surveillance Project' was debated for many months. Several people with Stupidity Syndrome were tested on, and it was concluded that the best way to deal with the Syndrome was to make the internert available to the public, which was quickly littered with spam, 1337, and 1337-talking spam cats. Many Stupidity Syndrome talk spaces, or "chat rooms" were created and were filled with misspelled comments about the idol of the Syndrome, Justin Beiber.

Stupidity Syndrome Today[edit]

People who are direct descendants of the ancient Stupidity King have royal blood. A popular theory states that there is only one true heir left. Once again, however, as the world ages and human civilization expands, the royal family does inadvertently become bigger. Sometimes, the gene will pop up in a family somewhere, and the family will question who put the syndrome into their family. This is the main cause of sales for the Family Tree Maker.

As for the mainstream family of descendents from stupidity syndrome, detecting them is difficult. The best way to do it is to look for a family of mostly stupid people; that might tell if the gene is present and activates in birth. The widely accepted family tree for stupidity syndrome royal blood today is displayed below:

                                Adolf Hitler---Genghis Khan
                                         |        |
                                         |        |
                               Saddam Hussein----Kim Jong Il
                                        |           |
                                        |           |
                              George W. Bush-----John Kerry
                                        Osama bin Laden                                               |
                                         Your mum

Note 1: This is simply a conjecture. There may be and probably are more people out there with stupidity syndrome.

Note 2: Also, don't try what these guys did. Don't marry your siblings, because there is a higher risk of mutation. In this case, it made the stupidity syndrome even more dangerous. Look at who the heir to the throne is!


The ancient Stupidity King has never been reaveled us, although several theories are in development. One popular theory is this:


Criticisms of the theory have been made by just about all of the potential descendents, all of them saying that they aren't as dumb as they look, or that God isn't stupid. Countercritisisms state that God would have to have stupidity syndrome to create humans and allow them to create BULLSHIT articles on Uncyclopedia. Remember in Russia car rides you!

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