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“Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth.”

~ A disbeliever of the concept of disenchantment

“Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives. Like when you find out that your woman has become pregnant. That is a major let down and could cause the woman's man to flee the country. Then who pays child care?”

~ A man on disenchantment. However, no matter how funny this quote is, it isn't referring to the disenchantment we're talking about.
A man preparing for disenchantment rituals with sacralization and desacralization processes.

In social norms, Disenchantment is the cultural rationalization of wizardry and spiritual stuff as it remains throughout today. Disenchantment is also the opposite of enchantment, which was stolen and is responsible for misinforming many of the young children within the generation that encountered the year of the release of the 2007 Disney erotic film, Enchanted.

Enlightenment ambivalence[edit | edit source]

Some guy named Weber who studied nonstop about enchantment and disenchantment believed that the idea of "disenchantment" can mean something positive, like receiving a raise, or something negative, like having an abortion when the baby actually would end up finding the cure for cancer. Frankfurt school decided to take this idea up during their studies of self-destructive elements in Enlightenment rationalization. In response to this, many counter the Frankfurt school's decision by asking personages within the school, "If you're so into religious stuff like the Enlightenment, why are you studying elements that act like terrorist? Answer me that!"

Jürgen Habermas[edit | edit source]

In the case of an event where upon one fails to desacralize the ritual, this happens. But more tragic. Like something Michael Bay would orgasm over.

Jürgen Habermas also had ended up studying the concept of disenchantment after Weber. His idea being to find a positive establishment for modernity for the face of disenchantment, however he had disrespect for Weber and his works. Habermas claims that his decision upset the dead religious spirits and now the ghosts are out to get him.

Sacralisation[edit | edit source]

Disenchantment has an unhealthy relationship with the notion of desacralization. With this, some stuff that would confuse you triggered some violence within society and became quite popular. Two other smart fine gentlemen by the names of Marcel Mauss and Henri Whoburped studied the concept. They theorize that the ritual cannibalism and ritual of sacrifice of the elderly involved two processes: sacralization and desacralization. The first process requires the profane sacrificing of sacred properties, the Holy Bible, which upsets many Christians and Jews. (Pending testament) They believe this sacrificing provides communication between two worlds, the Spiritual world and the one that isn't the spiritual world. After opening communications, one must accompany the communicator and offer sacrificial ejaculation during all times of the communication. After the communication is finalized and the two or more communicators who made the communications are ready to return, the ritual must be desacralized. If the individuals fail to desacralize the ritual before returning back to the original world and consciousness, the world would enter a cataclysmic catastrophe. Thus, ending the world and space-time continuum as we know it. And in the end, all being responsible for it.

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Reenchantment[edit | edit source]

In recent times, Weber's paradigm has been challenged by aggressive, angry "nerds" who see a process known as "reenchantment". They believe this process operates alongside the process of disenchantment. And with that, they also believe the two processes (now operating together) also operate alongside worshiping World of Warcraft religions. However, not all who believe disenchantment and reenchantment operate alongside one another believe in the World of Warcraft worshiping bit. In fact, that was a lie. Consider yourself disenchanted, foo.

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