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Good evening, and a hearty welcome to my cavern. Despite my lighthearted name, Lollipop, I am the grandmaster demon of Uncyclopedia. I also happen to be a noob adopter, article writer, rollback man, and childish attention whore sometimes. I've been here since August 2010, and have formerly been known as Maniac mcpee. Upon losing the battle of the Maniacs with Maniac1075, I became a lollipop vendor until August when I became a grand demon. I have gotten one feature credit with my major contributions to Inbox. I am also great with signatures. I have written a guide about them if you'd like to learn about it. Thanks for taking the time to listen to this brief introduction. Below is my awards, articles, interview, and much more. Hope to see you around (which will probably be me adding a VFD tag to your article).