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Welcome to Outpost Beta. Members of the Grue Army, proceed as normal. Non-members, proceed with caution.


Hello. I am CY-2X, human-computer relations. What information would you like to view today, <insert name here>?
  • See the commander's bulletin board for information on ranks, current members, and to view your ranking.
  • See the army forums for information on recent Army accomplishments, recruiting stations for different squadrons, and to view your progress towards your next rank.
  • See here to report your accomplishments made in the name of the Grue Army.
  • If you are not a member of the Grue Army, you may proceed here to join.
  • If you are a n00b and you need help, go here.
  • See here for randomness, things to watch for, Grue Army updates, and general Discussion.

Twin Suns Squadron[edit]

The job of Twin Suns Squadron is to monitor the Uncyclopedia for crappy, shitty, horrible, bad, whatever articles and do something about them.

Some vital links for all Twin Suns members:

  • Finding articles:
    • New Pages gives a list of all the recently created pages. Check this fairly often to make sure nothing slips through.
      • Note: Go here, copy the code, then go here, edit, paste in the code, and save. The code will highlight short article on New Pages in pink, and extremely short articles in red. As a general rule (though not always true), red articles can be QVFD'd and pink articles can be ICU'd. However, the code won't catch articles that are crap/vandalism but relatively long, so you'll just have to do some browsing when it comes to those.
    • Recent changes can also help, especially if you're also looking to revert vandalism.
    • Or if you want, just click Special:Random a bunch until you find something.
  • Once you've found some crap, what to do with it:
    • QVFD is for articles that are short one-liners, obvious vandalism or vanity, or just a bunch of sfsdakfhdsfhjdsjkhfdsajdasd. (Yes, we do get that.) Administrators regularly patrol QVFD and have the power to huff on sight any article listed. It's a great tool for non-admins.
    • ICU is for articles that are unfinished or just short, but not quite QVFDable. If the article isn't edited within seven days, it dies. Also, different options for the template's use can be found on its page.
      • Note: Only tag new/recently made articles with ICU. Anything older than a couple weeks should go in VFD (below).
    • VFD is for articles that should be deleted, but need to be brought to the rest of the wiki's attention.
    • The deletion policies provide a good explanation of what to do, in case there's ever any question.

Members of Twin Suns Squadron[edit]

All members of Twin Suns Squadron bear this.

Domokunyellownbackground.jpg This user is a member of Twin Suns Squadron. Fear them.