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Welcome to the Bank of Nofu. The Bank of Nofu is a family operated business that was Established in 1675 A.D. to deal with one of the world's most problematic and most valuable currencies.

The Bank of Nofu

What is a Nofu Dollar?[edit | edit source]

Glad you asked, a Nofu dollar is something you will never have. It is the primary currency of the Aristocracy of Nofu, and is also used by the "Friends of the Aristocracy of Nofu". Nofu Dollars have always proved problematic to keep track of, as they are made of finely pressed and packaged wedges of the corrosive substance Nofu. As actual trapped Nofu is incredibly powerful and useful for the production of N-bombs, this means the currency has an almost continuous fixed value. As the Nofu Aristocracy is the only group to have access to the only Nofu mine in existence, the amount of Nofu dollars put into circulation each year is limited.

The Nofu Vault[edit | edit source]

As Nofu dollars have been known to burn holes in carpets and disappear back into nothing without warning, a method for safe storage was promptly developed. This method is the Nofu Vault, and the only Nofu Vaults in existence are right here at the Bank of Nofu. While Nofu Vaults hold literally all Nofu Dollars, Nofu Dollars held by individuals are considered to be in circulation. Currently, the Nofu vault holds №1,000,000 Nofu Dollars. №415,000 are in circulation.

Counterfeit Nofu Dollars[edit | edit source]

Counterfeit Nofu dollars made actually out of Tofu have appeared several times in history. As these will not disappear and will stink in a few days, it is easy to weed out the fakes. Nofu Dollars deposited here are guaranteed to be authentic.

Counterfeit Nofu Dollars (note: backwards numerical currency is used on real Nofu Dollars)

Your Account[edit | edit source]

To check your account, simply search for your username bellow. Be warned, you probably have no Nofu dollars unless you are/know a member of the Nofu Aristocracy. Too bad for you, but there is always silly American money for you to use n00b.

Account Holders

Exchange Rate[edit | edit source]

Nofu dollars currently have this exchange rate with US Dollars on the World Market:

 1 Nofu Dollar = $2.50 U.S.
 1 Nofu Dollar = 1.3 Gold Galleons (Wizard money)

Note: While transfer to Wizard money is not a problem (see Magic), transfer to other types of currency is, because the Nofu must immediately be used to make bombs, and transaction with national governments are the only possibilities. If you trade Nofu Dollars to a non-NATO country, the CIA may attempt track you down and kill you. Also, trading this money to the U.S. may result in your being pursued by terrorists.