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Welcome to some page which is like about this award or something for UnProvisers.

A lady in the audience gasps in terror and collapses. She is quickly carried off, but not before everyone has turned to stare at her and a general panic has broken out across the room. "I say" says a pompous looking man, before collapsing with terror, too. Soon the whole audience is one pile of terror-stricken, unconscious and very rich people.

And now back to the topic at hand...


Look at that fine UNPotM badge, wouldn't you love to attach that to your naked self?

To qualify for the UnProviser of the Month award, you must first meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be a registered user.
  2. You must not have nominated yourself. You can vote for yourself, but not nominate yourself.
  3. You must have been involved in at least two UnProvises.
  4. You must have made a contribution to Uncyclopedia a month (or less) ago.
  5. You cannot win the award consecutively (i.e. two or more months in a row)

Rules and guidelines[edit]

These are the rules and guidelines for the UNPotM.

  1. Anyone who has never been involved in UnProvise has half a vote, everyone else has a full vote. IPs have a full vote if they have been involved in UnProvise, if not they have half a vote.
  2. Nominate those UnProvisers who have either made you giggle, been really active and made you giggle or have been helping out around UnProvise, a lot. Be sensible with your nominations and avoid joke that I've said that there is going to be a tide of joke nominations...even more, now I've said that I guess.
  3. You can only vote once. You can cancel your vote by crossing it out, using the <s> tag. You may change your vote at any time, but you may only vote once. No one has an "against" vote, you may only vote "for".
  4. Additionally, when a user is nominated, the nomination template {{User:Orian57/UNPotMNom}} should be added to their user page.
  5. If the vote is drawn nobody winds anything.


So what's the point, what do you win?

  • Two nothings.
  • Highlight on the UnProvise front page.
  • Highlight on your userpage.
  • You will be entitled to wear a special template (in your userspace only!). This template is found here.
  • You may put "UNPotM" in your sig(of nature). Don't mind that bit in brackets, that's just my insanity running away with me.

Past Winners[edit]

YesTimeToEditnobody (2)BlueYondernobody (8)

All past nominations and contests for UNPotM can be found here.

Nominations for Never[edit]