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check out my online anime channel: [[1]] OOOOOK, here wo go again. For whatever reason my first account (bobofosho) won't load anymore. So, I'm the guy who the created the rasta-nomads article, which was later deleted and frankly sucked. So, check out my work and tell me what you think on my talk page, pleeeeease. just don't be to harsh... Ohh and by the way, if you can't reach me on my user page it's probably because I'm one of my hentai/porn binges.

My official list o' article concepts:

1. Track and Field: I am a runner myself, and I know that there is humor in this sport. For example, i could make fun of the tight spandex outfits sprinters wear. They (sprinters) are also notoriously lazy, so i could say they sit around and snort at practices and so on.

2. six lists from heaven to hell: this is actually an assignment i did for school. But, it actually ended up being quite funny. It deels with the advantages of going to heaven or hell. It jokes about the reasons god exists or not.

3. Ventura, Ca: Now here's a topic i now inside and out. this is my home town, and of all i can make fun of this is probably the thing i can joke about the most. As long as this isn't a vanity article i think i'm good, so is this idea oooook?-user: mgr. bobofosho2 21:06, 5 August 2008 (UTC)


My Werks:

1.rasta-nomads-Status: deleted :(

2.UnNews: Wii Remotes Begin To Rape Children-Status: good and alive :)

3.User:Bobofosho2/Ventura, CA-Status: Work-in-progress :)-note: this is article is know titled Ventura, CA

4.User:Bobofosho2/Track & Field-Status: Work-in-progress :)

5.Releasimification-Status: deleted :(

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