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"The tpyo-free kwyboard: Ten petceny od the Ameracin polpution still manged to typoo on it.'"'

“Gramerly, ypur best tyop destoryer!``12”

~ Pepole

“Im Svotie Rissua, toyp wnogrs oYu!!”

~ Russian Reversal/Ypots

“Ih Dale Bunyan iz A gya boi mwha far teh winz]”

~ Oscar Wilde

“iy are fukjing stiaod! Uknu u r jus sting at ur com,ptuer all dauy wtf!”

~ IP on ragetypo

'Typpos are unintwntionzl missspllngs of wordw when typing. Thry usuallly come about by ttping while in a rusj. Thw governments of tje worlsd have speny quite a biy of monye on makng ttpo-freee [{keybroads]] as thw wolrd-tpoyo-rate is at yhe highest it's beeen in yrs, and finnaly relessed the "no tyopo 1000" in 2010. Now, I kno what yiu might be sating, "Wat's ao bad about mroe typos?" Welll I'lll teeel tou: Comiting a tyope is consideered a federal offense by the Grammqr policw, a viklent branch of the millitart. thyyposa anmd r defintly a reallllly goopsdo thing

thumb|;egt|'Movie posyer.;

= History of typos <sub(oh ni itz orect1)</suv>[edit | edit source]

The word 'yypo' comds from tge Lanitn worf 'kjdshfkjdnv' meaning 'Whne you'r tping on teh compter adn hit the wrngo key, but don'y realise'. The fccat that tge definition og thia wodrd includes the wordw 'computerr' is evicence that Romnas were phycic (or hqd a tine machinw. 'Course, id they had a tine machlne, there'a no reaspn they couldn'y habe[1] a computer).

However, rhe acctuuall firstt tyopo was committed in 1808 [[Pellegrinp Turi]e]<rfe H>is nane actuallt loooking lkie a huge tpyo. itslef./ref. when, aftre incenting teh frist ytpwriter, he tried ti type up a lettter yo a collleagie informing hmi of hsi invenyon. But insyead of sating, 'I have invented a most wonderful machine." lije he wanyed, he tyoped, "Penis." He of coyrse seny yhis offf, not realizing wat he had donw. This later syaryed a vert humoros confusiom that was thr sublect of lasy tear's comdt, yitled 'What type' of gay R U?'.

[[File:Typ-churc,jpg|thumb|211pc\Tyops are a comon and formerly re-unbanned brand of == So in comcljsiom.,. =- religus<striko>expressionism<strik>epersecussion, wich has withstood prublic scutiny for far to long! by virtue of. Pls! Somebody to help set up us the bobm!!]} cunt. Shiy1 I didn;y meqn yo say that!

= Sea allsop[edit | edit source]

Fiel:Bmup_smallee.jpg/123xp <span style="font-size: 150%:colo: FG3398"This aritvel needs proofreadumh1!!!

iF speeling, punctuation or grammar are'nt your fortr. never fear. help was on teh way1

Raed this aryticlew aloud whith yur web ex[lorer=[edit | edit source]


= Teh Tyop Mestarmind[edit | edit source]

Unfortumayely. therw is anotger kinf of tpyo . It is tge LIVING TPOY! It haz one reasom to liv, and on reasom onky; to breed witg itself and make mor typos! It iz alzo the reazon the word 'tpoy' can nevr have a typograhpilca eror. The LIVING TYPO1 is ful-on evl. It getz in ze way of even the gratest of relashinships and shrivl it 3 srheds! It coold give teh polcie force teh wong message amd leeve emerjencies ignoord! It coold even bee the end off the cowntry1

Rqferrencess[edit | edit source]


  1. Indeeed, thw Laitn word habe0, hab3re "to posess" comwes from tge mistyeped ENg;ish wprd have