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   Impornator Dark Apostrophe

This is not a dark apostrophe

Are they spying on me? I know they're there! I swear to you, they're spying on me!

-Dark Apostrophe on paranoia

A Stunning example of why Norway really shouldn't be connected to the internet


Indubidably, this page is of insufficient quality. It substantially lacks coherent prose.

-Hitlerite on the quality of this userpage

This, however, is a dark apostrophe


I use an AMD64 PC with Debian GNU/Linux
You should, too.
If you're female, feel free to hit on me. 
Unless you're old, a MyShite member or a AOL luser.
Just like keitei, I'm lazy when it comes to articles. 
Don't expect them ever to get finished.

How I got this userpage design.