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“"Mr. Speaker, American workers are sick and tired of fast track. Take today's fast track, for example, another fast track that will send more American factories, more American investment, and more American jobs overseas, this time to Central America. In return, America will get two used Ford pick-up trucks, another 50 tons of heroin and cocaine, and three baseball players, to be named later."”

~ Jim Traficant OHIO Senater on outsourcing

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Crede Quia Absurdum Est.

~ Oscar Wilde

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  • 1. sign posts with 4 tildes,like so: ~~~~

there's a handy button for that on the toolbar for editing

  • 2. dont read HTBFANJS unless you really want to instead, go to User:Hardwick Fundlebuggy's userpage and read any of his articles or all of them when you're done with that, go to User:So So and read all of his articles when you're done, you should know how to write
  • 3. write a bunch of articles and get features then you've succeeded

I'm the blue guy these articles are the green guy
Texas Ranger here's your walker!
No one wanted to be the designated driver that night,yet I'm the asshole!

Moms basement
This could be you.
Motto: As soon as i get a job this will rock.
Map of Ohio highlighting Crawford County.svg.png
County Seat Bucyrus
Founded 1975 AD

Area on Water

.05 square miles (.00007 km²)

.00071 sq mi

Population 1 (2009)
Time Zone Eastern: UTC-5/-4
Grand Theft Auto Strawberryland
Developer(s) Big Bird
Publisher(s) Microsoft Childrens Game Unit
Designer(s) {{{designer}}}
Engine {{{engine}}}
Latest version {{{version}}}
Release date(s) 11, January 2010
Genre Platform
Mode(s) Regular modes,
  • Single player (loser) mode
  • Mass murder mode
  • Learning mode
  • Just kill your parents mode
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Platform(s) Xbox 360
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Lord Arcadian, 2000
Date of birth: (1975-12-26) December 26, 1975 (age 48)
Spouse: Wishes to be anonymous
Fucking Noob
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Background information
Also known asThat god damned fucking noob
OriginOhio, U.S.A.
GenresIgnorant raving bastards
Years active1975-present
LabelsWasted Time Records
MembersLord Arcadian
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the naked tree trimmer
your mom

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