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I am a big fan of collabs. If you have a new idea and want to collab with me it doesn't matter if you have been here since the dawn of time or have made an account today. I will be happy to help. Also, if you see an article of mine, one that I am working on, or one in my idea dump and you want to help out, I will be more than happy to accept. Just ask on my talk page.

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Tagstit's To Do List

For the month of May! Feel free to add things for Tagstit to do here!

  1. Finish Shower
  2. Finish Santa Clause
  3. Finish Planet Earth
  4. Review it up. At least five this month.

Articles of mine

Cardboard Box (Rewrite) *Featured!* February 23, 2009

Scary Movie *Featured!* January 21, 2009

Car Salesman (Going to Fix-up)

Why?:Be Emo? (Going to Fix-up)

HowTo:Fix the Economy (with Snake7) *Featured!* February 15, 2009

Balloon Animals *Featured!* June 15, 2009

UnBooks:Diary of a Monkey Lover *Featured* January 29, 2010

My Girl's Best Friend (Going to Fix-up)

Oscar the Grouch (Rewrite) *Featured* June 1, 2009 *Top 3!* of May (even though it was featured June)

American Idol (Rewrite)

Potato Sack Racing NEW! with Staircase

Why?:Get the iPhone NEW!

Tagstit's Column

Unnews:Researchers discover that the song, "All You Need is Love" may in fact be false. (Going to Fix-up)

Unnews:Sexter abused, possibly raped (Going to Fix-up)

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