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The UnSignpost
The Newspaper that won't leave you the same way she/he did!

Occasional Editors: Hotadmin4u69FrostyAnton199Sir PeasewhizzRAHBCassie

Glorious Founders & Co-Head Janitors: Dr. SkullthumperCajek

Token Cabal representative: Mordillo

The Paperbots: Cap'n Sock MonkeyHaydrahlienneSLENDERMANDawgBotFrosty

The UnSignpost is the way to stay informed about Uncyclopedia without actually getting involved with all the madness that goes on around here on a regular basis. It seeks to provide some of the most useless information on Uncyclopedia's so-called "community".

To sign up for FREE HOME DELIVERY, simply add {{UnSignpost}} to your talkpage! In case you haven't got enough spam already, one of our paperbots will deliver a fresh copy of the UnSignpost every week for just $5.99 a month. All our subscribers are shamed shown here.

Want to chat with the editors live? Good luck with that. You could drop in ##unsignpost at irc.freenode.net and talk with the editors of the UnSignpost about well... you know... stuff. You could also try flapping your ears and flying to Mars, but don't hold your breath.