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The Uncyclopedia UnSignpost


Hello![edit source]

This page is intended to help anybody foolish/daft/crazy enough to take up editorship of the UnSignpost, be it for a single issue or for an extended period of time.

Starting a new UnSignpost[edit source]

You won't be needing this

This is fairly simple, so simple in fact that we've been doing it for ages now. Before starting make sure that nobody else has started an UnSignpost for this week, help others by updating the next issue link on the main UnSignpost page. UnSignpost titles are made up of the date the UnSignpost is sent out, in the order: year (4 digits) month (2 digits) and date (2 digits). So the UnSignpost for the 5th of January 2012 is found at Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/20120105. It's dead easy.

The best way to get started is to simply copy the start of the last week's UnSignpost over to your new page. You can see the start of an issue here. Just copy this to your new UnSignpost page and update the date, issue number and title line (Don't save the page you are copying from, duh). Then just fill in the gaps, it's pretty easy. See the archives for examples of how the sections can be filled in. Or better yet, check User:Sir Peasewhizz/USP Toolkit because he has some nifty ideas that he uses. And everybody hates loves them.

Guidelines[edit source]

There aren't many of these, make it funny and it's probably fine. That said personal attacks on other users are unacceptable here, as they are everywhere else so if you have a problem with someone else don't bring it here. Feel free to call them a hopeless horrible waste of space, flesh, fat and bone though and feel free to make up quotes they haven't said. Check out past UnSignposts if you remain utterly clueless about how to write in the UnSignpost, we can't promise they'll help that much.

The UnSignpost dog must be in almost every issue, if he isn't he doesn't feel loved.

Helpful Links[edit source]

Delivery[edit source]

Once the UnSignpost is finished make sure you have spelled everything correctly? and the punctuashun and grammor are all feen!1! If they aren't you'll sound like ChiefjusticeDS and you don't want that. Sir Peasewhizz has bot, Bizzeebeever has a bot, and Dawg also has a bot as well. Asking these three young gentlemen can guarantee your USP gets delivered. You could risk it for the biscuit and ask Lyrithya, who also has a bot that can deliver the UnSignpost so talking to her is an another option. If neither of the four aren't around and Thursday is imminent then post a message asking for volunteers in the press room, be sure to link the UnSignpost in the message. If that doesn't work you can deliver it yourself by going here and then making your way down the list and slapping a template onto each page. Not recommended for users on slow internet connections as some people have been having the UnSignpost delivered to the same page since 2008 and it will take about 2 years to load said page. You might die.

Once the delivery is done, update the current issue redirect on the UnSignpost main page and add your issue to the archives. Congratulations. You are now incredibly lonely and unfulfilled an UnSignpost editor. THIS IS SOMETIMES DONE BEFORE HAND, BITCHES.

But wait! I have more questions[edit source]

Try asking Sir Peasewhizz. If he isn't available then ask another administrator or, if you are really desperate, you can ask Frosty. Be warned he is Australian.

But for the hell of it, these people will probably respond. They have no lives: