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The prize for the highest quality image manipulation is a bottle of Heinz Special Ketchup.

The Potatochopper of the Month award goes to the user who has recently excelled in image manipulation.


Voting on a monthly basis. Please vote for the candidate you feel is most deserving of the award. Votes from sockpuppets, anonymous IPs, and unknown/inactive users are weighted appropriately.

  • When a user is nominated, the nomination template {{VotePOTM}} should be added to their userpage.
  • Winners receive the template {{POTM}} on their userpage.

Voting guidelines[edit]

  • Sign below a user you find has recently impressed you with their photomanipulation. Please add new nominations on the top.
    • You may also take into account the user's past image manipulation exhibits, though you are highly encouraged to favour recent works ie. in the last month or two.
  • You can't nominate yourself, but you may vote for yourself if you are greedy like.
  • Remember to sign your votes.

Past Winners[edit]

RadicalX (2) • HindleyiteMhaille (2) • Modusoperandi (2) • Isra1337Zombiebaron (6) • SplakaPrettiestpretty (2) • RcmurphySannseReiMoneySignGneomiSliferjamSikonJocke PiratUnder userOliproGerrycheeversKaizer the BjornNecropaxxSeekerKneeChee27RAHBVitaloverdoseAsahatterSkillenSonje (4) • Not A Good Username360SunnyChowMeepStarLives (3) • DrStrangeFunnybonyManiac1075CheddarBBQNachladerPuppyOnTheRadio (2) • RabbiTechnoLyrithyaSockpuppet of an unregistered userMimo&maxusMagic manBizzeebeever (2) • UnununiumMultiliteralist

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Official Nominations for January[edit]

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