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Please Note: My internet access is still somewhat sporadic. I will try to be on the site as much as possible, but I may not always be able to respond right at the moment. Thanks for your patience. --18:58, 13 December 2006 (UTC)

I'm an admin, so I get to have an ugly userpage. It's my right.

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Isra, also known as Isra1337, is a variety of American nerd native to the Northern and Western regions of the United States. It is most frequently seen deleting crap, fixing up crap, tagging crap, and generally complaining about there being a lot of crap. On occassion he also writes something, makes an image or codes a reskin.

Isra's name comes from a bad pun. How bad? Well you'd basically have to be an internet nerd and a frequent bible-reader to get it. You see, many American Bibles cut down on space using hyphenation. When the quite common biblical word "Israelite" is hyphenated, "Isra-" appears on one line and "elite" appears on the next. Elite, of course, is properly spelled "1337" in leet. Aren't you sad you asked. Isra is sad he made you.

Isra is frequently on IRC, at least while editing here. If you need him, this might be the place to look. Otherwhise his talk page works too.

Isra wrote this entire section in the third person, which is really pretensious, but is also like Richard Nixon, who looks funny in any image.


MP Truman2.jpg



Since early 2006 I have been an admin. That means I can delete pages, protect pages, ban users, and post sitewide messages.

What to do if...

  • I have banned you:
If you can still edit pages then either you have been unbanned or something screwy is going on. Either way you can ask me what happenned by editing my talk page. Mostly likely, however, you can't edit. Then you should try to find either me or another admin on IRC. Have your ban message handy, and if the block in question was on an IP, have some info on your provider and type of service.
  • I deleted your page:
There are a whole bunch of reasons I could have deleted a page. If it had an expired tag, ICU, or NRV on it, I probably deleted it because it was neglected. If it was about a non-notable person I may have deleted it as a violation of our slander-vanity policies. If it was short, I may have deleted it thinking it was vandalism. No matter what, if you ask politely I will explain and possibly reconsider the deletion. I can always restore the page to your userspace if you want to get a copy.
  • I tagged your page with ICU, NRV or another tag:
As explained here, we get a lot of material here that is not up to our current standards. Ideally everything on this site will be top quality satire. We tag pages to motivate users to turn pages that have potential into pages that are excellent. Ask politely and I can provide advice to do this, and if you feel I have tagged a page in error, a respectful message will often get me to remove the tag.
  • You have a dispute with another user:
If you leave me a message on my talk page I will try to help you sort out problems here. Remember, though, that this is not my job, so I might not have time immeadiately, and if a dispute is not worth my while I may have to pass on it. I won't get mad at you for asking, but you must be respectful of my right to decline to deal with something.
  • You find defamatory material, policy violations, real information about non-notable people, or other problems on the site:
If I am availiable I will try to deal with any such material that is reported to me. Uncyclopedia takes the rights of private citizens very seriously. We are not a forum for hate, harrassment or libel, and we try to delete such material when we can. If you find objectionable material about yourself here, blanking the page will not be sufficient. Report it to an admin so he or she can delete it entirely, including its history.
  • You have other concerns:
If I have the time and knowhow, I will try to deal with anything else you ask on my talk page.


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