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Henry the VIII did not give this medal to Pope Clement VII, who wanted to trade for a silly hat and the Church of England.
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Uncyclopedia is a Wiki-based encyclopedia, the basis
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online encyclopedia called "Wikipedia", in the same
way that Microsoft's pesky .chm (HTML Help) files
are an inferior alternative to man(1).


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Selected Anniversaries
January 24: Plain Text Day
* 41 - Caligula killed for textstalking people on his Boost Mobile.
* 1838 - Samuel Morse demonstrated the first plain text telegraph browser.
* 1995 - The OJ Simpson jury delivers a verdict in plain text.

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In the news
* The Y2K bug strikes 6 years and 24 days later than expected, crippling all modern technology.
* PC Magazine gives MS-DOS best Operating System of the Year award for 13th straight year.
* Bill Gates praised for his wisdom as he explains, "16K should be enough for anyone."

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Did you know...
* ...that Plain Text was invented in China in about 2000BC, by the Emperor Msging IV, who got pissed off at all the damn ideograms?
* ...that tin cans, with a string stretched between them, were invented in 1810 by Al Gore?
* ...that computer mice carry the black plague?
* ...that you are likely to be eaten by a Grue?

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[Image] Savethemooses won. In fact, nobody else even got a single vote. Fraud is suspected, though Mooses insists he won fairly. And by "fairly" he means ballot stuffing, IRC spam campaigns, and a healthy amount of nooblet pwning on the side, which has nothing to do with writing. But then, neither does the WotM award, usually. His work includes the old classic Pot v. Kettle, the highly mediocre-tastic Mediocre Britain, and a new favorite in J.D. Salinger.

A close-run battle between newcomers Suresh and Whywhywhy ended in a victory for the latter, proving once and for all that democracy just doesn't work. Seriously folks. Why3 likes to consider himself a Noob's Noob and promises to support the word STOAT during his tenure. [Image]
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