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“Never heard of it.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Sliferjam

“ur ghey”

~ User:Braydie on Sliferjam

Member of the Unorder
A rare, but abundant sliferjam.

Who?[edit | edit source]

United States
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…and unabashedly proud of it!
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United States
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I'm Sliferjam. That is all. Any more and I would have to kill you. Or have someone do it for me. Actually, I'm just some guy, or 'dude' if you want. My extra stuff is HERE. On IRC, I am commonly known as slif3rjam, or CydoniaDwarflord. I am less commonly known as shrubbery, JabbatheHutt, CatroonDibalo, PrincessLeia, or sliferjam.

What?[edit | edit source]

I am technically human. Kind of. More or less.

Where?[edit | edit source]


When?[edit | edit source]

NOW! or later. Whenever's best for you.

Why?[edit | edit source]

Because I had my tray-table up, and my seat back in the full upright position.

How?[edit | edit source]

Genetic experiment.

Huh?[edit | edit source]

Yes. Exploding-head.gif Daeh-gnidolpxE.gif

Sliferjam's Worthiness Award[edit | edit source]

The coveted award of worthiness.

*slif3rjam's jaw drops in awe

This user gots a shovel.
Yes they does.
This user is a member of the League of Benson, and therefore admits that Benson is better than themselves.
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This user is a Communist
& is working on their Lenin mustache! ☭
This user is a Viking and enjoys killing, looting and pillaging.
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My work[edit | edit source]

Vogon | Bonanza | Poseidon | Rabbi | Esc | Stalinbear | N | Jam Jesus & more...

This is my jammy stuff

I make jam stuff. Here are a few.

A Jam Buddy Jesus.
I'm Jugger-Jam, Biatch!
I made this for Jamtrousers.
I made this just because.

The world's [insert word here]-est cat.
The world's jammiest cat.

I want to thank...[edit | edit source]

Sliferjam's sista projects.[edit | edit source]



VOTE Tom Mayfair FOR ADMIN, GET SUPERTOM ON YOUR SIDE. But if you don't, you'll be on his shit list.

H-hey! you made it to the bottom of a fantastical mental overflow! Congratulations!