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Scientific classification
SpeciesA. fulvescens
Binomial name
Acipenser fulvescens
Primary armamenttelepathy
Secondary armamenttelekinesis
Power supplysolar
Weight10 metric tonnes
Length150-190 metres
Special attack
Conservation status
sole survivor

Ogopogo is a lake monster who is not legendary, although sometimes it may appear that way. Click here for a recent, esthetically-pleasing portrait of Ogopogo by Bryan Adams, official photographer to both The Queen and Ogopogo.

Ogopogo has an uncyclopedic knowledge of history, geography and popular culture and loves to share it through his myriads of edits. Surprisingly, though, Ogopogo knows little about marine biology.

In upcoming edits to this page this year or next, there might be a section on the life and times of Ogopogo.


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