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The scene: Our protagonist is out shopping, when a creepy man sneaks up behind her and hits her over the head with a big red book. When she comes around, she is sitting in a large television studio.

"What are you doing? Where have you taken me?"

"Strange BUT Untrue? This is your Life!"

"What? Wait a minute, is this...?"

"That's right! This is This is Your Life, with me, Michael Aspel! Anyway, down to business. You were born to Uncyclopedia in November 2006. Do you remember this voice?"

"Hello <insert-name-here>, and welcome to Uncyclopedia."

"No - it couldn't be..."

"Yes it is - it's the Generic Welcome Message(TM)!"

"Oh wow - this is all so emotional..."

"But don't start crying yet - at least not until it's time for the thumbscrews."

"Wait - I thought This is Your Life was supposed to be a nice experience?"

"Uh - yeah. Well anyway, do you remember this voice?"

"Welcome, comrade!"

"Ohhhh yes - it's Premier Tom Mayfair. He NRVed my first article. Happy times."

"Sorry I can't be with you tonight, comrade, for Mother Russia despises Western glitzy-glamourous television show. In Soviet Russia, red book reads YOU!!!"

"Haha - it sure does. Anyway, you didn't let a pesky little NRV stop you. Killing Tom Mayfair and several admins, you climbed on top of the bodies and used their blood to write as many articles as you could. And here they are - all your precious babies!"
Soviet Union (Mathematics)
Soviet Integration (Mathematics)
All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Literary Criticism)
Invisible Geometry
UnNews:Santa decides - no murderous rampage this year
I got rhythm
Template:Nothing (the new version)
Make Poverty History - QFA
Image:Ball pool.jpg - nommed on VFP
Uncyclopedia's Article on Its Article on Its Article on Its Article on Itself
UnBooks:An Uncyc Ban Diary
UnNews:Astronomical misunderstanding dictates this season's fashions

"Oh wow - look guys, I know I've been a useless mother and neglected to mold any of you into fine, upstanding featured articles. But can't you see I was too busy interfering into other peoples' articles?"

"You sure were. Here's just some of the places you stuck your big nose in where it wasn't wanted."
Marriage - still rubbish though - fix it!!
Long article
Game:Do NOT click any links!
Coffee dinosaur
Mah Nà Mah Nà - lyrics

"Heh - yeah, well, it's important to get these things right, you know. Eventually, I plan to rewrite all of Uncyclopedia, replacing the penis jokes with refined satire and the stupid puns with stupid puns which are better because they were written by me."

"Nevertheless, you managed to make some friends on Uncyclopedia, if only by creating them yourself. Do you recognise..."

"STFU N00b!"

"N00blet! My own Artificial Intelligence. He's highly interactive you know."

"He sure is. And highly annoying! But don't forget:"

"I have no wish to make love to your website (I must confess I am a little new to the internet and my mind boggles at how this might be achieved), but merely to continue to enjoy its high quality in a platonic way."

"I have no idea who that is. It's certainly not a sock puppet or anything like that."

"It sure is. Anyway, that pretty much concludes our review of your Uncyclopedia life..."

"So I guess I'll go back there and create even more happy memories now? Hey, why does this chair have chains?"

"...But finally, we have one more voice for you. Me! You don't remember me, do you?"

"You mean you're not Michael Aspel?"

"Yes, I am. But you might also know me as IAmFunny32lol."

"Ummm... no."

"What!!! But you deleted all my edits. You said they weren't funny, so I tried writing in caps and that STILL WASN@T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!! Well I've got news for you, you fucker - I AM funny - it explains why in the second line of my signature. And you're staying right here until you laugh at something I've written."


"We'll leave you folks with a selection of Strange but untrue's favourite articles as she's wheeled away. Bye bye now!"
Intelligent Falling
Least wanted pages
Slim Shady Algorithm
HowTo:Deliver a Baby, A Concise and Easy-to-follow Guide Developed, Tested, and Approved by the AMA
Anything in Game: namespace
Nearly anything in Category:Self-reference or Category:Pages that look like the things they're about