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Take a form. Nevermind the only particularly hazardous if you drink spoonfuls of it C2H4(OH)2 stains.

Form DX-467[edit | edit source]

The International Mad Scientist Convention Assessment of Presumed Knowledge

Materials[edit | edit source]

  1. Pencils
  2. Eraser
  3. Calculator - RPN only
  4. Tinfoil hat
  5. 1-3 Human Subjects[1]

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • The paper should be turned in after the alloted time: 100 minutes. All work done after this point will be disregarded. Time travel not permitted.
  • Cheating is frowned upon; If you are caught, you are not IMSO material and will be disqualified. If you got away with it - well done.
  • Mark the correct answer to the question with an X. Mad Scientists have no second thoughts, so the instructions on how to change your answer later is unnecessary.

Page 1 of 35[edit | edit source]

Our Founder.

  • When destroying the world with a 100m robot; the most important thing to pay attention to is:
  1. How you will fund your robot.
  2. How to hide the construction site for 10 years until it's built.
  3. Where to put the massive weakpoint that will instantly destroy the device.
  4. To buy the batteries, because that's what ruins Christmas.

  • Why is a giant laser a good idea?
  1. You can effectively duct tape the British spy hunting you to the laser, killing two birds with one stone.
  2. The laser won't backfire as easily as - for example - a retrovirus would. [2]
  3. You can host really cool (and deadly) rave parties!

  • What is the best way of performing a makeshift brain surgery?
  1. The classic trick: Make the subject listen to 50 cent, or read uncyclopedia, for 3 hours. Insert new brain after the old has completely disappeared.
  2. The "Vodka & stalagmite" method. (Extra useful if secret lab is located in Russia)
  3. Hypnosis. Why exhaust yourself when you can get the subject to do it himself?

  • Some scientists are actually good, but release a scourge upon the world by mistake. How do you deal with those?
  1. This messes up whatever evil plan i had for the enslavement of man. I will have to quickly research means to travel to a parallel dimension.[3]
  2. Another scientist releasing the doom of mankind makes me redundant. This cannot happen.
  3. I don't care - they are always the first to die from their own experiments anyway.

Please continue the test on page 2 if you can find it!

Citations[edit | edit source]

  1. Please return alive. They are not cheap you know!
  2. Except if you use it as a solarium
  3. The "Good me" from the other dimension could pose a problem though...

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