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Warning: Reading this article is a mortal sin

Vatican City
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: He did kick me up the arse!
Anthem: Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)
Official language(s)Latin, denial
GovernmentTheocracy Mafia
‑ PresidentSaint Peter
‑ Prime MinisterGod
‑ Secretary of StateJesus Christ
‑ Bishop of RomeFrancis
National Hero(es)Father
Holy Spirit
Established11 February 1929

Vatican City is the headquarters of the Jewish Church of Latter Day Fakes, a terrorist organization dedicated to human trafficking and poodles.

What the hell is it?[edit | edit source]

The Vatican serves as the mafioso headquarters of Catholicism and as the base of operations for the Papacy, which is currently occupied by Francis the talking mule. Catholics all over the world have had it pounded into their heads and butts (if they are little boys) that their first true allegiance is to the Holy See and to Mary - all else is secondary. All their political actions are disguised by religious creeds.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Of the 1.3 billion Roman Catholics worldwide, 600 live in Vatican City. Vatican City currently maintains a policy known as "100% Catholic, No Darkies, No Muslims", promulgated by Grand Pope Tarkin, meaning that the demographics of the city-state has remained stagnant at 99.9% Caucasian since the 1700s, including its average density of 2.27 popes per square kilometer.

Although 5% of the population are celibate by vocation, Vatican City has a higher fertility rate than the rest of Italy. Many pedo priests have been in training for the repopulation of European Catholic countries under a plan known as Fickem Continualis, which calls for the Vatican to supply Catholic babies in increasing numbers when the ratio of Catholics to Muslims drops to less than 2:1. Under this plan, fertility and other drugs will replace Communion at Mass for nuns in the numerous orders in the Vatican, and priests with erection problems will be issued Viagra. Priests who prefer underage companions will be given special altar boy "assistants", but all priests will be required to close their eyes and think of little boys while doing their duty with an assigned nun.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Papa tastes the help.
Salve Regina was featured at Top of The Pop.

The Vatican is, of course, best known as a great centre of evil Western imperialist culture, and the treasures and art locked within the secret vaults of St. Peter's Basilica reflect this notion. Unconfirmed reports state that the secret to unlocking happiness for each and every human being rests underground, where it belongs, but Vaticanites avidly deny this rumour, stating that "the price is not yet right".

Beautiful artwork also adorns the cathedrals in the Vatican, among them being the beautiful stained glass windows. Many other saints and important Catholic figures have been immortalized through such breathtaking artwork, although all artwork featuring Jesuits and other Masons in a positive light has been removed.

When meeting the Pope, basic etiquette dictates that he will first raise his hand and present his ring. One must then look him in the eye and tell him "He did kick me up the arse!"

Military[edit | edit source]

The Vatican maintains an elite core of superpowered soldiers known as the Vatican Special Forces (aka the Swiss Guards). Only the most fit Swiss males are selected for membership into this awesome clan. After completing four months of some of the longest attack, strength, defense, magic, range, and prayer training in the world, and a strict diet of boy serum, successful recruits receive a Dragon Chain and an Abby Whip. Anyone who laughs at the outfit of the Swiss Guards risks being shot down by the crystal bows that all Swiss Guards hide under their freak hats.

Architecture[edit | edit source]

The Vatican consists of many ancient buildings.

And catacombs. Don't forget the catacombs. You've never seen a cat use a comb?

Fun facts[edit | edit source]

"My arse, my kingdom for my arse." Thus sayeth the Lord.
  • Marijuana is legal in Vatican City, and is its main export. Much of it has been baked into those breaded Jesus things.
  • The Vatican Library, of course, houses the world's greatest collection of child porn.
  • You can see some of the past popes on display in glass cubes in the Vatican Pontiff Museum. Check out John XXIII giving the finger to Pius X.
  • Shouting out random stuff backwards in Latin will earn you a special prize.
  • The Vatican 100 Euro note has the inscription "In Dog we trust" and was designed by Brother Malegard the Dyslexic.
  • The word 'Vatican' is derived from the Roman word 'Vatican', meaning peodophiles.
  • To become Pope, it takes two-thirds plus one (except in the State of Florida) for the first 21 ballots, then the Cardinals may drop it down to a simple majority. If all else fails, an apple dunking contest is held, winner take all.
  • Art 331 (1) of the Zanardelli Code, provides that the age of consent is set at 12.
  • The Vatican is not really much of a haven for paedophiles. Its just a show they put on for tourists.
  • The best part of this show is that British people have a huge degree of paedophobia, and British catholics will stay clear of the Government of the Vatican.
  • The Earth is flat. So are most nuns!
  • It is a country with more pickpockets than population.
  • Two songs are candidate for being a national anthem. One is called «Give me the Papacy Joanna». The other was written by Ed Sheeran, and he sings «I wish I could ha’ been Pope, but the Vatican said nope. And kindly take notice, its not your office».
  • If you are eating at a pizzajoint near St Peters Square, it may be that the owner pays tax to Italy and the city of Rome. It has nothing to do with the Vatican, as you are still in Italy.
  • The Head of the Swiss Guards can not speak German in a Swiss accent. Reason being: He is fröm Värmtland.
  • No one can accuse the Vatican for stashing away money of the IRA. New York does it better.
  • Hello Magazine has a head office in all the five smallest countries in Europe. This is how they have an office right near Rome without being in Rome.
  • Maradona said to Pope John Paul II «Do not strengthen the mob. I will do that».
  • One citizen of the Vatican had documents on his person portraying Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. This was Italian Lire. He was the last Vaticanian to have physical cash. Thusly the Vatican is the only European country that has no Euros.
  • The Vatican is one of a few countries were the people live in one city. Just like Russia.

TV series[edit | edit source]

CSI:Vatican City is a TV Series inspired by the Catholic Church's duller and less agile members.

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