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British Colombia is a nation located in Northwestern North America.

Wikipedia doesn't have a proper article about British Colombia. It really wouldn't help those so-called experts by writing one either.
Murderous Republic of British Colombia
Motto: Murder as much as possible.
Anthem: Die, ya americans!
Capital Vancouver
Largest city Murderia
Demonym Coffiner
Government Murdering Squad
‑ Supreme Murderer Justin Trudeau
‑ Lead Hunter X Æ-12
‑ Great Bomber Bill Gates
National Hero(es) Bomb Gates, Bomb Æ-12, Justin Bombeau
Currency British Colombian Gravestone (BCG)
Religion Murderism
Population 103932949644894101248562 quadrillion
Major exports Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity, Democracy, Invasions, Nuclear explosions, and Coca-Cola
Major imports Dead bodies, graves, and coffins
National animal Elon Musk
National sport(s) Murdering

History[edit | edit source]

British Colombia self-declared independence from the Vancouvrian Empire, Vancouver. It had captured territory from Baja California, Mexico all the way up to the Yukon. It was located in the now-American state of Washington, near Seattle, in the Vancouvrian Xzika territory. The people of this town, known as Hunterdon, were mostly cannibals, hunters, terrorists and members of murdering squads.

Founding[edit | edit source]

The nation, formerly the city of Hunterdon, was founded in the year 1986. As it was founded, millions of people

An attack from the nearby Xzika City made them desperate.

Declaration of independence[edit | edit source]

Days after the attack, leaving 1,004,587 of the 1,009,986 people living in Hunterdon dead, (now it's 2008) Emperor Edward van Couver CXII made millions of people migrate to Hunterdon, so there were more people. However, the same type of people that were there earlier came. After a week, several bombing raids were launched, kicking off World War 5. The Hunterdon residents built a parliament building, as well as a seat for the British-born emperor, John Colombia Aston, for which British Colombia was named for. He renamed hunterdon to British Colombia, and then launced a raid on Vancouver City. It was a total success. The Vancouvrian people moved their capital to Redfia Kawdiasja. The new capital of British Colombia was Bombcouver, built right over the remains of Vancouver. They called the city Ξιστονζαωβος (Xistonzambos), named after their supreme god, Sistonzambos. It is in Alaska.

Into WW5[edit | edit source]

The people began a suprise attack at the rest of what is now British Columbia, and took it over. They were to attack California but then Vancouvrians attacked Siberia. These people took Alaska and the Yukon, with made it impossible to send supplies. Then they dressed as normal russians to Moscow, whick unfortunately took 14 days. When they reached, they dropped bombs, so Russia was theirs. Vancouvrians attacked Canada and then Greenland and Scandinavia and then England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Europe. But now they had too much land. They had hit Moscow! But the British Colombians were overthreataned, Emperor John Colombia Aston was killed in Moscow, and his son, Emperor Sistonzambo Colombi II, was giving the army too much work. Nevertheless, there was their capture of Canada, Greenland, and finally the Vancouvrian Empire. They took over the world!

But not for long.

Attack of the Bharat Empire[edit | edit source]

The Bharat Empire (formerly India) was the only nation that remained besides B

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