Tannu Tuva

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Other mongolia
Tuvan People's Republic
Tannu Tuva
The 'Tar & Feather' model of the flag Isn't this just the thing on the flag
Motto: ТываТываТываТываТываТываТыва
I can't read that shit
Anthem: Actually kind of a bop
Capital Vowel Free Since 1999
Largest city 3 Yurts next to each other
Official language(s) Gibberish
Government Smol Commie
National Hero(es) Ghengis Khan?
 of Independence
Currency sticks
Religion Heathenism
Population 2 Confirmed Cases
Area 4 Square Yurts
Ethnic groups Steppe Creatures
Major exports Lost Dreams
Major imports The Tsar's Tears
Internet TLD What's Internet?
Calling code Telegraph Line 3
Drives on They use horses

Tannu Tuva (TPR; СУКА БЛЯДЬ) known as Other Mongolia is a nation which is still under debate whether it existed or it was where all the Russian Whites lived during Stalin's reign in the Soviet Union. After the Romanovs faked their deaths, they rallied all three of the residents of the former Uryankhay Krai and set up a fake nation to trick Stalin into leaving them alone.

Most historians firmly disagree with this theory and claim that it was in fact a real nation and that it gained independence after beating the Russians in a '1v1' in Call of Duty. The alleged match took place in Stalingrad and was played between Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky who believed that if it went communist, they would give him a private yurt.


Tuva had been part of Qing China until a revolution broke out in 1911 when the Tsar lended his hand and is attributed to telling the Tuvans that: "Russia is a most stable nation, one of the least likely to end in revolution..." which was complete bullshit. The Tuvans believing they had stricken an advantageous deal became a Protecterate of the Russian Empire in 1914 which collapsed 3 years later. The new Russian Republic claimed that their friendship would be everlasting and then immediately kicked the bucket. By 1920 the Reds had taken the capital, and Tuva, sick of the "Damn Communists" agreed with the Russians to become communist.


The first thing the Steppe Creatures did upon independence was hold 'The First Great Khural' which was a most modern method of government, first being used in the 13th century. All of their diplomacy was done by a Lama, which is surprising considering that there are no accounts of the Lama spitting on politicians.

Those Russians[edit]

“Those traitorous bitches backed a coup d'etat those absolute degerates. The Russians ruined the whole thing and now it's basically just an echo that agrees with whatever the soviets say. I'm FUCKING SICK OF THE GOD DAMN RUSSIANS AND I'M FUCKING SICK OF WRITING THIS BULLSHIT FUCK YOU. THEY RUIN ALL OF MY SHIT AND I'M DONE WITH THOSE FUCKING IMBECILES.”

– Volodymyr Zelensky

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