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This list is from Wiktionary and is licensed under their terms only.

This list of common misspellings is used to correct typos throughout the UnDictionary with this maintenance page[Deadlink.pngdeceased link].

Note that not all occurrences of these will be misspellings: if they are in song titles, for instance, they must be left as the author intended; if they are in transliterations such as Tao Teh Ching, then they may also be correct. Words may also be correctly spelled for pieces of text in other languages which occasionally appear within an English article yet be incorrect for English text. The guiding rule should be "Include words if they are more likely to be incorrect spellings than correct spellings even if this means that the maintenance page will occasionally show "false positives".

Please don't delete words from the misspelling page just because they are causing false positives. A better way of getting rid of false positives is to "comment them out". This can be done by changing the initial * symbol on a line into a : symbol. If this is done, it means that it is easy to put potential spelling errors back if you want to rerun a check for them at some future time.

Note that Americans spell some words differently from the rest of the English speaking world. Since Wikipedia accepts all variant spellings you should also see: American and British English differences

This came from Wikipedia, a partner project, on Monday December 14, 2002 around 11 AM UTC. In order to keep these lists in sync, please solely modify the Wikipedia version of this page, optionally copying the complete copy of that page here and updating the timestamp.

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