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An important News Update[edit | edit source]

The First FlameFirewar now has a PAGE!! Check out all facts about the FlameFire <---- Follow the portal to the left for more info.

The Notice[edit | edit source]

The following notice is not intended for those who have noticed it. Follow this link ------> The Notice to find out more about Notices

Concept, what is it?[edit | edit source]

The thoughts of concept are actually all wrong. You see, concept is the place , not the mind, if you catch my drift. As God once said, Concept is a perception of thought, controlled by Jonathan's mind. As you thought, everyone loved it, even they didn't understand it.

when you picture concept, you are supposed to picture a world where jonathan's mind controlled evrything. But as god later said at another press conference. i actually take back what i said about Jonathan. But my idea of concept is clear. concept is the place, not the mind.....

Jonathan later confessed that his brain was taken out by Many A Thing. Weird huh?

Concept is also thought of as an idea. Well, think about scrabble. it has letters and words right. But that's not the point. The board is made of cardboard. If it wasn't made of anything, then it wouldn't be a concept. Duh!

This is a concept, not a republic, ok. Just thought id make that point.

When and Where[edit | edit source]

Concept was made up when God said to some random human, what's cooking, eh. Even though this makes sense, thus proving that conception is wrong, it doesn't matter. When a fish eats a bagel, does that make the bagel a doughnut? No. That's why its a concept, not mind.

It all happened one day in the kitchen. God was cooking some yummy Pasta Resticaruta in a place known as heaven to most, but it actually was an Apartment in down town London. This particular flat held 1 half eaten bagel, 1 really fat fish right next to the bagel, two dead trees named Jonathan, and Zeus, lately picking himself up from being assaulted by telemarketers. This brings us nicely to Kabooiushtuioshtyguythinism.

Kabooiushtuioshtyguythinism[edit | edit source]

Just a random word i made up, but later, God said. Kabooiushtuioshtyguythinism is a fact, and sometimes fat, i mean fact is stranger than fiction, but that doesn't matter. I officially rename myself to John. So God. John. Kk, sorry god. JOHN. I no, i no. God, please.. ITS F*C***G JOHN U ASS!!!

Sorry, we are experiencing techinal difficulties. You are watching KKBL News, when u could be doing something else. Please stay watching.

Choir[edit | edit source]

John is very strong on this concept, whatever concept means. JOHN: I told you it was a place, not a mind. Idiot. Inteviewer: Ok Ok John, calm down. CHOIR SUCKS! We all no that. Stop stating the obvious.

WORD FROM OUR SPONSER[edit | edit source]

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And now a completely different subject[edit | edit source]

This ends now... END TRANSMISSION

And back to Concept[edit | edit source]

to many, concept is thought of as a drug, which is highly wrong.

David Hyutshu: When we get concept, we get high. Its simple. With drugs, u mix the Hydrophoxicadiumasitade with Hydrozipholicydeumadiadeumproxinodium and then dropped it into a barrel of Hunternutin with a dabble of feruletium.

Interviewer: Hmm, well this sounds interesting. So your saying when you mix these things together you will realise what concept is?

David Hyutshu: No, what im saying is that concept is wrong. by mixing these you get drugs,w hich by theory is concept.


The Infinite Improbability factor of Concept and everything concerning it[edit | edit source]

well, to discover the infinite improbability factor of concept you first must work out was infinite equals, but to do this, how do u describe improbability?

Improbability[edit | edit source]

First, what is prob. Well prob is a really bad way to spell probe. So now, what does probe mean. Probe is to prod. To prod is to destroy, according to the dictionary of Calculusimonitilius Mantus (Calculus). Ality is the something different altoghether.

You gotta find out the factor, or number, of 'a'.

So now Ality is 6928675678.

SO, altogether Improbability means George Bush.

Infinite[edit | edit source]

When we got a person to describe Infinite to me, he says e=ymc2. then another person said that jty6= ymc2-j4ty.

When i used a Calculus and i noted ymc2, i got nothing.

First of all, we need to find the circumference of a moose.

A moose, more commonly spelt Muusse, is the offspring of a retarded Fish Creature having butt sex with 1 Monkey, 2 Caterpillars, and 1 Antellopital (LONG SINCE EXTINCT). The circumference of a moose is 18207m2. Which, in retard words, is 10.1. Now, with the circumference of a moose, we can move on.

The Final Factor[edit | edit source]

The final factor ends up being, INCONCLUSIVE! i hope you enjoyed this complete waste of time! :)

Concept, in Religion[edit | edit source]

Now, we must see Concept, in Religion. When we put Concept in Religion, it seems to contradict the whole thing. Well, You are right, as we will later discover through our INTENSE research. I hope you like essays! :)

What is Religion[edit | edit source]

Well, before we can start, we must establish WHAT RELIGION IS!!! To find this out we must do many things. First, lets go inside and peer around. You find yorself if a room, dark musty room, room of silence... Ok, ill stop it. Its a light lively room full of prostitutes and traders. Wait, you would think to yourself, there is something wrong here. prostitutes, traders, place of worship... this better not be a biblical story!! It isn't... Well, the nuclear number for prostitutes is 1.2 and traders is 6.46. Lets do some maths.

1.2 + 17 X 6.46 = Once figured this out, move onto the next question. 4 = Once done, read this!

CONGRAULATIONS[edit | edit source]


All Together[edit | edit source]

Concept in Religion is a scam, and Using this to complete my homework is fun AND good. Don't try this at home kids, some consider it cheating.....

What is The Next Step[edit | edit source]

Well what is it??

Two Days Later[edit | edit source]


A RANDOM TIME FRAME LATER[edit | edit source]


A Day in the Life of CONCEPT!![edit | edit source]

Ohhh, i hope this isn't another one of em biography thingys......

Who Made this Article??[edit | edit source]

The Maker of this Article is..... Ahh, can't waste such a great opportunity!! Who do YOU think i AM??? Try IT. You wouldn't dare.... Or is it, You wouldn't get it correct, or right... IM CONFUSED... Oh well, Can you guess???

Can't Guess?[edit | edit source]

Hehe, YOU LOSE AND I WIN!! LADIDADIDA!! I WIN!! I BEAT YOU AT A CHILDREN'S TRIVIA! AHAHAH AHAHA, * gag, cough, choking, wheezing, sputtering*