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Sit, boy.
Created By:
Rumiko Takahashi
Voices Of:
Richard Cox
Tara Strong
Opening Theme:
"Take Me to the Ferris Wheel", performed by Dream
Country of Origin:
No. of Seasons:
5 4
Rabbit Hole, Japan
Production Co.(s):
Toei Animation
Original Channel:
Adult Swim (Toonami)
Original Run:
2002 2006

InuYasha: A Patrician Fairy Tale, 犬夜叉 is an early 2000s anime that ran on Adult Swim. It was created by romance novelist Rumiko Takahashi, who conceived it under the working title of How to Kill Hearts (in reference to Inuyasha's constant ignorance of Kagome's feelings).

Inuyasha is a classic tale of a girl and her dog-wolf-demon. Inuyasha's group wanders around the feudal era searching for a magical jewel witch contained over 150 episodes of anime. There is a lot of fluff. Naraku, the villain of the story, wants Kagome's Family Jewels, which are basically steroids for monsters.

The show ran for 167 repetitive episodes, four movies, 56 manga volumes, four original-run years on Adult Swim, and eight more years of re-runs. Quite simply, it is one of the worst shows ever made, but it has a certain nostalgic factor to it. Makes you think back to a simpler time of 2002...or maybe I'm just rambling.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the Sengoku feudal era, Japanese schoolgirl Kagome travels to the past through her grandfather's wishing well. She finds the Japan of yore was inhabited by demons and rednecks, and also finds Inuyasha (a Japanese name meaning "abnormal arccosine of the arccosine") pegged to a tree by a magic arrow. Fulfilling her schoolgirl duty to immediately fuck everything up, Kagome unleashes InuYasha from the tree and also smashes the Shikon No Who-Cares into tiny sacred jewel shards. Consequently, Inuyasha, once a powerful demon at the top of his game, is demoted from pitcher to catcher and must literally respond to Kagome's beck-and-call.

While searching for Kagome, he runs into Shippo (a name meaning "we can probably market toys based on this"), Sango (a perverted Australian)and Miroku (a virtuous monk).

Kagome's journey is complicated by Inuyasha's ex-girlfriend Kikyo (which means "Magical Funtime Explosion Happy Hour is on Channel 5. Go watch it, slave."). She is trotted out about once every fifteen episodes, whereupon she promptly makes a big show of going right back into hiding.

Things are further complicated by the appearance of Naraku (roughly translates to "lame, sporadic plot device") and his children (slaves, actually; 'children' is just a pet name) who are mainly used when the normal plot devices have to be taken down for reupholstering. They (the children) only appear on weekends due to the custody agreement hammered out between Naraku and his ex-wife (Kikyo). He also got the reclining chair, the remote control, and the lawn mower.

There's also Inuyasha's half-brother Sesshy McGethy (which means "real name too long to write"). He roams through Japan selling Tupperware, with Jaken (meaning Golem rip-off) and Rin (troll child).

Along her dragged-out journey, Kagome must also recover the mystical Jewel of Three Stooges (also called the Shikon no Llama), a magical plot device that grants a wish when completed, like in Dragon Ball or something.

Long story short, Inuyasha is about a ragtag group of private investigators who go around and investigate the 100% legit misdeeds of the Emo-Fascist Naraku while trying to cure Kagome's chronic irritable bowel syndrome and Miroku's carpal tunnel hand syndrome.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Inuyasha's Party[edit | edit source]

  • Inuyasha – A half-demon with cat ears and a real bratty attitude. He's known for his incredibly bad luck, as he got pinned to a tree for millions of years by a single arrow. He's constantly conflicted over the fact that he loves two different girls, despite the fact that they're actually the same girl. He fights with a sword that grows when you hold it, complete with a furry hilt.
  • Kagaome – A clone of Kikyo who enjoys tormenting Inuyasha, getting kidnapped, and claiming she's not Kikyo. If she just said "YES, I AM KIKYO!", then the series could've ended a lot sooner. While she does possess some useful skills in archery, Kagome's main purpose in the series is to be a source of fanservice. She wears a short skirt at all times and is shown naked more than any other character; the fans have no objection to this. In combat, she basically stands around saying "EENOOYAASHAA" over and over. She travels through time by going through a magical well that only her and Inuyasha can use for no explained reason. Apparently there wasn't enough room for plot in 558 chapters.
  • Kikyo – A dead girl made of clay who used to be some magical priestess, but now is a zombie who falls off cliffs and eats souls. In the rare moments where she's alive, she is seen staring into space and not talking.
  • Miroku – Like every guy on /b/, he will fuck anything with tits and has a hole in his hand so he can go fuck himself, too. Only exists to provide the standard animu pervert jokes. In the past he was cursed by Naraku with the Carpal Tunnel Curse in his right hand. He gets raped in the ass if any of Naraku's stupid little bug things get sucked into his black hole. The endless black hole in his hand is just another one of InuYasha's many plot holes.
  • Sango – A brunette dominatrix who tries everything to save her 11 year old brother. She wants cock but hides it by raping her pet cat/fox-thing, Kirara, when nobody is looking. She agrees to live with Miroku later even though he didn't agree to stop fondling other women, and afterwards still won't let him grope her ass like the cocktease she is. Miroku later turns her into a baby farm. She uses a giant tampon in battle, and refuses to attack with it unless she can shriek "HIRAIKOETZ" at the top of her lungs; which of course makes for a stealthy attack. She is as useless in combat as Kagome, but is marginally hotter with a greater ass and allows for threesomes in fanfiction.
  • Shippo – A fox demon who is always looking for a girlfriend. He's generally useless, and his only power is turning into a mushroom or a pink balloon thing. He constantly whines about everything and everyone, despite the fact that he contributes very little to the group.
  • Sesshomaru – Inuyasha's boring, crossdressing older brother. He spends his time having sword-waving contests with Inuyasha (he loses almost every time), and moping that "Daddy didn't love [him] enough."
  • Jaken – Sesshomaru's pet. He resembles the unholy offspring of a Smurf and a Battletoad. He just runs around not doing anything, like most of the characters in the series.
  • Rin – Annoying little girl who follows Sesshoumaru and will never shut up. Her purpose in plot is predictably nil, except for a few times where she's kidnapped.
  • Koga – A wolf that is madly infatuated with Kagome. Last of his tribe, pack alpha, yada yada yada... He is rarely seen without his fellow furries.
  • Naraku – Feudal fascist, as many call him. His purpose in the plot is to lead the protagonists on an excessively long journey in order to reach him, spam them with fake flash player downloads and other idiots who can't tell the difference between Hebrew and Cyrillic, fight them till he is nearly dead (if they aren't fighting another of the sockpuppets he constantly shits out), and then retreat into his bunker where he can continue to shout at Jodl about killing Inufegelein. Rinse and repeat for entire series plz. He loves to turn the series into a kammer by using a gas which are actually blue pellets, which is called Miasma.
  • Kohaku – Sango's little "special" brother. He dies near the beginning but gets brought back by Naraku as a zombie, dun dun dun! He spends the entire show drooling and doing a whole lot of NOTHING.
  • Kanna – Albino girl who says like 3 words during the entire series. She has a little mirror that allows her to watch videos. Naraku spawned her.
  • Kagura – Some dumb girl who was spawned after Kanna. She uses her fan to direct her flatulence at her foes, and is notable as the only character in the series who both participated in combat and had plot relevance. She gets a boner for Sesshoumaru and refuses to let Naraku rape her, so he pwns her and she deflates or some shit, thus ending possibly the only piece of interesting plot present during the series.
  • Kaede – Kikyo's sister. Her role in the series is to be a whiny old whore and little else. Uses "ye" and "yonder" in EVERY SENTENCE which makes about as much sense as Nazis speaking with British accents.
  • Totosai – Some creepy old guy who is always on meth and flies around on a three-eyed bull. He created Inuyasha's sword with his mighty banhammer.

The Band of Seven[edit | edit source]

The Band of Seven is noted as the only season where the episodes had a linear plot line instead of the usual two filler episodes, something plot related, two more filler episodes, rinse and repeat. Basically, a band of rapists who died at least 100 years ago were resurrected by Naraku last Thursday so he could have a necrophilic orgy, which he intended to have on top of a magical mountain with a l337 shield hack. This plan backfired however, Eeeenoooyaaaashaaaaaa and his merry band of filler characters managed to troll them all to death, which is not very impressive considering several members were quite obviously retarded (this applies to both the Band and Inuyasha's entourage).

  • Kyokotsu - Giant tree-thing whose weapon is a huge anal bead on a string. He is a closet furry and tried to yiff the wolf demons, but Koga showed up and gave him AIDS.
  • Mukotsu - Drug-addled stumpy little fuck. His weapon is bong smoke, but Sesshoumaru, not one to give into peer-pressure, is straight edge and says NO. Tries to rape Kagome (no, rly) but forces Sesshoumaru to kill him when he spies Kagome's cunningly-concealed penis.
  • Renkotsu - Severely Aspergers Hare Krishna who likes burning things. Was able to make Ginkotsu into a tank despite the time frame for the show being somewhere in the Middle Ages. Gets killed by Bankotsu for killing his butt-buddy.
  • Ginkotsu – Some kind of cyborg/tank with Down Syndrome, his weaponry consists of various S+M toys concealed about his person.
  • Suikotsu – Lazy plagiarism of Wolverine. He apparently loves himself soem loli. Has two personalities, but both of them love the CP, the personality change just denotes his fetishes, as regular Suikotsu prefers guro.
  • Bankotsu – Fag with an irritating voice; is the leader of the Band (because he's the one with the biggest sword) and fights with a huge metallic penis. Is predictably killed by Inuyasha, most likely yiffed to death.

Media[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

After 558 chapters it's over!! 558 chapters and nothing happened. And there is no more, the adventures don't continue, Its done! Why did you read the whole thing? You might has well have read the first two volumes 50 times, you would have got the same result.No, seriously after the first couple of them it becomes about as productive as memorizing the phone book.

Anime[edit | edit source]

As it turns out, the 'anime' was actually a series of recordings from a turn based RPG based on the manga. While the GUI has been edited out for realism, it becomes obvious when one considers that...

  • Anyone who is not a peasant can absorb immense amounts of damage without dying. Also, you can jump in the air without landing up to ten minutes; this may anger air planes and they will fire lasers.
  • While team attacks are possible, it is uncommon to see more than one character attack at a time.
  • Moves and spells are performed the same way each time and, with some exceptions against major demons, are applied very directly as well.

The anime stopped after 167 episodes. The producers are quoted as saying, "We got bored of playing, but the anime has served its purpose. Manga sales are up, so it's all good."

Movies[edit | edit source]

There was an Inuyasha movie based around his past experiences and failures in his childhood.

His mother was a closet-furry that yiffed with Inuyasha's dad and got impregnated when the condom broke. The local populace was angry about this as furries should not reproduce and arranged a mob to kill the furfag and his mistress. Unfortunately, his mother and Inuyasha survived and lived like every other family in plot-contrived animu.

All the other movies are about Inuyasha fighting OTHER demons that never die, eternally stretching out this lovely heap of action while generating more plastic crap for otaku to buy.

As a sad point of reference, they never actually finished covering the manga. This means that, according to Chartfag, another series of Inuyasha will be airing soon... and that means more movies, plastic crap and furry raeg are on the way as well.

The Inuyasha movies are a strange an anomaly in the anime, due to the fact that the movie are much better than the series itself. They for some odd reason are given a plot, good animation, and is surprisingly original. Such a thing has been unheard of in the world of anime, and scientists are still trying to come up with an explanation.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Most of the early episodes revolve around InuYasha trying to hunt down his ex-girlfriend's corpse. For the rest of the series Kagome gets in trouble prompting her to yell "INUYAAASHAAAAA", to which he replies "KAGOOMEEEEEEE" (sometimes it's the other way around, and happens over 50 times in an episode). There's also a bunch of stupid fights which they always lose. Rinse and repeat for 10000 episodes. Nothing ever happens.

Sometimes, the plot changes to center around Inuyasha's cross-dressing older brother Sesshomaru at random moments.

Reception[edit | edit source]

I'd rave about how great this show is, but I think I'll let a fan speak for myself:

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