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Users that speak Sarcasm. Yeah sure, of course it's a real language.

  • 0 User doesn't get sarcasm. Why else would it be zero?
  • 1 No really, the User is able to contribute with a basic level of Chinese, not sarcasm...
  • 2 User has intermediate understanding of sarcasm.
  • 3 No, I'm sorry: User doesn't have advanced understanding of this language.
  • 4 User wishes they had near-native understanding of this language.
  • N User wishes they were a native speaker of this language.
  • A Yeah sure, of course the User speaks this language with a thick accent. When they try to be an asshole, no one understands them.
  • E User learned this language in school and never used it since. Cause it got his ass in trouble, why else?
  • F User got an F in this language. That's why they work minimum wage at Taco bell.
  • G User wants to remove Sarcasm from existence. Yeah, that's why they're on Uncyclopedia?
  • L User has a lisp that affects how they speak this language. Sure, it only bothers when you speak sarcastically, right? Not just any time...
  • P The a**hole User is a f***ing profane speaker of this f***ing language. They also like kittens and fluffy marshmallows, too.
  • X User only speaks this language enough to seduce native speakers of this language. Of course, all the hot sarcastic bastards are on Uranus, right?

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