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“I for one, welcome our new insect overlords”

~ Roomy
His most esteemed gracefulness, Commander Room of the satirical writers house
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Hiya. Welcome to my super cool userpage. I'm what could be called a rather up and coming writer for this great, parody wiki of ours, and on occasion I pool a bit of my not so free time into writing articles here. Here you can see my accomplishments and the orgy of Userboxes I put here when I was 13. If you have any questions, comments, complaints, requests or want to suck me off, message me on my talk page, or Email me for a more direct way of reaching me[1]

Notable achievements[edit]

  • Licensed internet funnyman
  • I have a girlfriend so thats pretty cool I suppose
  • Aside from my escapades on Uncyclopedia, I like to write in my spare time, trying to be an amateur novelist
  • Featured Articles: 1

Current events[edit]

As of April 16th, I plan on making an article on the Wehrmacht, sadly there exists no infobox on uncyc for national armies, so I need to improvise-

Shit I've made[edit]

Fargarthia- (Finished) first article I have ever made (not including my Userpage.) It definitely shows in hindsight-

Unbooks:The Five Stages of Being Banned from Uncyclopedia- (Finished) babby's first novel

Robbie Rotten- (Finished) First Featured article

Battle of Shiroyama- (Finished, sorta) An abridged summary on the last stand of the Samurai

UnReviews:Crusader Kings 3- (Finished, still open for expansion) My first unreview on my most favorite grand strategy game of all time

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