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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Loser?
This image is NOT me, just what the moon demons WANT me to think I look like


basic stats: completely useless in every way, shape and form. wastes time looking at stupid sites like these

traits: sense of humor, puchable face, omnipotent god-like being from the planet faedyuovbfdbvsbskvrsgsdx

intrests: gaming, cronic masturbation, sleeping, feeling great existential dread

occupation: student/depressed loser/NEET

skills:barely any

relationship status:incel

other traits: I don't fucking know, I'm good at saints row 4 i guess?


At the age of fourteen, I have accomplished absolutely nothing my entire life, (except for that one time I nearly caused irreversible water damage to my house, but we need not to bringith thatith upith,) and I am fully aware of that and have no shame whatsoever.

Early life[edit]

I had a fairly standard childhood. Going to the park, exploring the outside world, using my imagination, my parents getting divorced at a young age, etc, etc. Essentially, a fairly stock childhood. Oh! Also the death of several relatives, childhood pets, so on and so fourth.

Notable achievements[edit]


Current events[edit]

As of today, February 3rd, 2020, I'm celebrating the fact that the world isn't as on fire as it was in January. I'm also on shit article patrol so that's good

Articles I made/Co-Created[edit]

Fargarthia- (finished), first article I have ever made (not including my Userpage). My own veritable Magnum Opus.

Unbooks:The Five Stages of Being Banned from Uncyclopedia- (WIP) babby's first novel

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