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Creep is a song by Thom Yorke, appearing in the soundtrack of the movie Radiohead, featuring Kurt Cobain making those guitar-like noises before the chorus in disguise as Jonny Greenwood who hit his guitar really hard to tell listeners that he thinks the song actually sucks. It is famous for Thom Yorke's apparant amnesia regarding it. Asked several times in an interview what he thought of his song Creep, Yorke simply repeated 'Wha?' with a steadily more angry look on his face.

The Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Reportedly, Yorke asked Ozzy Osbourne to write him the song, and he came up with an early version, whose lyrics were as follow:

When you were the fuck here before

Couldn't fuckin' look you in the fuckin' eye

You're just like a fuckin' angel

Your fuckin' skin makes me fuckin' cry

You fuckin' float like a fuckin' feather

In a fuckin' beautiful world

I wish I was fuckin' special

You're so fuckin' special

(chorus) (break down crying)

But I'm a fish

I'm a fuckin' weirdo

What the fuck am I doin' here?

I don't fuckin' belong here

(break down crying) I don't give a fuck if it fuckin' hurts

I want to have the fuckin' control

I want a fuckin' perfect body

I want a fuckin' perfect soul

I want you to fuckin' notice

When I'm fuckin' not around

You're so fuckin' special

I wish I was fuckin' special

(repeat chorus)

She's... Runnin' out the fuckin' door

She's... fuckin' (break down crying)runnin'

She fuckin' run... (repeat the word "run" 44 times, each of them in a louder tone, until you pass out of lack of air)

Whatever the fuck makes you fuckin' happy

Whatever the fuck you want

You're so fuckin' special

I wish I was fuckin' special

(repeat chorus again) (cry cry cry break down and then cry one more big cry)

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Upon trying to make a session with the song (made over a riff similar to that of Black Sabbath's "Tony Stark", along with keyboards for "Changes (not a David Bowie song)"), Yorke ended up screwing it and decided to remove all of the references to fuck from the lyrics, except for three certain ones (repetitions counted). Angered at this, Ozzy bit Yorke's head off.

Recently, Yorke declared he should have seen this kind of thing coming. At least that's the idea captured by the press:

There's no further information beyond this point. Apparently, the interviewer fled before Yorke came back.