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Uncyclopedian of the Month Award Uncyclopedian of the Month July 2007

“Oooer purty! if I hadn't taken a Vow of Non-Self-Editing I would definitely use that template!”

~ Ceridwyn on Tooltroll's Blank UP

“Well then, I just might have to do it for you!”

~ Tooltroll on Ceridwyn's Vow

“She doesn't even edit her own user page? I haven't seen such lazy etc.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Ceridwyn

“Wait, I think I got the wrong address. Can you direct me to Senator Foley's hotel room?”

~ Gustav on Ceridwyn's userpage

“Ceridwyn is just like birds. What are birds? We just don't know”

~ Brit-style Gert5 on Ceridwyn

“Everything must be pink! Like the stormcloud of justice! Wait... hang on, lemme try that again...”

~ Kalir on Ceridwyn's coloring scheme


~ Electrified mocha chinchilla on Ceridwyn's position on eliminating the US budget deficit's repercussions on domestic spending.
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Info and stuff[edit | edit source]


This person wrote an article which became one of the Featured Articles on Uncyclopedia. Ain't they clever?!

Who is she?[edit | edit source]


Despite her relatively few Uncyclopedia edits, Ceridwyn's contributions have been no less than awe-inspiring. She has the gift of the trivial power to make even the most perfect of pages infinitely more brilliant, yet can lend her power to only the greatest of pages; because with trivial power comes trivial responsibility. It is her gift, but also... her curse. ~ Spang

She is Australian except her ancestors basically got cut off so she sort of sounds the same but is referred to as a New Zealander for political reasons. Her real name is Lana Ruckspin and she lives alone with just her kitteh for company, and this guy who she tied up in the basement and suffocated with a bread-bag. She spends her time editing the site to while the time away whilst befriending everyone wherever she goes and generally making things overtly pretty. ~ Olipro

She has an incredibly low self-image. While most everyone who meets her would immediately say "Jeez, she totally pwns BENSON," she would have you believe the opposite. She has made her mark on the site with her pinkness and her long signature and her all-around existentiality. She is by far one of the kindest people on the site, and has the added advantage of being the only female that isn't also an admin (which unfortunately subjects her to the many advances of drunk Uncyclopedians). As this paragraph has become little more than a rant, the final thought will be that of hope: "Hope." ~ Ljlego

What is she?[edit | edit source]

Odds are that she's human.

Also, she is one of a non-dying breed of spelling Nazis, which is neither good nor bad. Actually, it's both. While their incessant minor edits to everything from UnNews articles to userpages can be flustering and headache-inducing, it also saves the other users from having to know how to spell the English language. This message brought to you by the loveable Gustav.

Where is she?[edit | edit source]

Some place; it's not important. What is important are the lists.

When is she?[edit | edit source]

She is presently present in the present, presently. This may seem redundantly redundant, but it is necessarily necessary.

How is she?[edit | edit source]

Dunno, ask her.

It's a she?[edit | edit source]

Honey, it's a she. And a funny one at that.

Diet[edit | edit source]

Vices[edit | edit source]

  • Sniffing glitter glue. That girl's got expensive taste.
  • Enraging insects with deodorant spray.

Dislikes[edit | edit source]

Does she speak Hebrew?[edit | edit source]

האם היא דוברת עברית? רוב הסיכויים שלא, אבל מכיוון שהיא טוענת שאפשר לערוך את הדף שלה בצורה חופשית, ננצל את ההזדמנות להוסיף קצת תעמולת כיבוש ציונית לדף המשתמש שלה. עם ישראל חי וכו'.

Awards[edit | edit source]

Arc de triomphe.jpg
Triumphant Arc Award

Congratulation, you have won the prestigious Triumphant Arc Award!.

Awarded by Spang for being the first back to the margin, impressive
use of colour, and proficiency in the field of arc ethics.

It is awarded only to those possessed of the most advanced
arc-crafting skills known to mankind. You should be proud.

Baby penguin.jpg
Arctic Arc Award

Hooray! You are the winner of the Arctic Arc Award!.

Awarded in recognition of the fact that you make the
coolest arcs around, and also have a very cool signature.

It is awarded only to those who create arcs with
extreme levels of cool. You should be proud.

The Inspiration Award

The recipiant of this award has inspired Gustav to make an article/UnNews story/template/addition to his userpage/another award.

Now checkit that mountain over there whilst I pee in your Pepsi.