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The stuff of internet lore and legend.

17-0This user does not understand 1337 (or understands it with considerable difficulties).
ac-0This user does not understand those African clicky noises (or understands it with considerable difficulties).
ah-PThis f****r speaks Asshat heavily laced with profanity that would make a f*****g a*****e sailor blush from all the g*******d blasphemy.
au-XThis user only speaks 'Straylyan enough to seduce native 'Straylyan speakers.
bs-NThis user is a native speaker of Bullsh!t.
bl-GThis user does not speak Blasphemy and furthermore believes Blasphemy to be an embarrassment to language. This user desires genocide of all speakers of Blasphemy.
do-0This user does not understand Dolphin (or understands it with considerable difficulties).
du-NThis user is a native speaker of Dumbass.
en-NThis user is a native speaker of English.
en-LThith uther thpeakth English with a really thexy lithp.
enl-NThis user is a native speaker of English, but Louder.
eo-1This user is able to contribute with a basic level of Esperanto.
es-EThis user only speaks Español because it was a required course in school.
es-FThis user got an F in Español and likes their native language better (if they have one).
fr-1This user is able to contribute with a basic level of Français.
fh-NThis user is a native speaker of Fuckhead.
gb-NThis user is a native speaker of Gibberish.
gbs-NThis user is a native speaker of Galactic Basic Standard.
gee-NThis user is a native speaker of Geek.
il-0This user does not understand Igpay Atinlay (or understands it with considerable difficulties).
ns-0This user does not understand Newspeak (or understands it with considerable difficulties).
pe-NThis user is a native speaker of Plain English.
Pie-NThis user is a native speaker of Pie.
re-0This user does not understand Recondite English (or understands it with considerable difficulties).
rh-NThis user is a native speaker of Random Humour.
sa-NThis user is a native speaker of Sarcasm.
sc-NThis user is a native speaker of Scrabble.
se-NThis user is a native speaker of Simple English.
us-NThis user is a native speaker of American English.
us-AYah meeht nawt beh abble tew undersvand zis usehr behkuz zey zpeek American English whif und estreemleh theuck akzent.
  This user is not a clearly-defined native speaker of any commonly-spoken language.
ow-0 This user does not care about Oscar Wilde and should be banned.
US flag.png This user is American
...and unabashedly proud of it!
(List of American Uncyclopedians)
Boredkid.jpg This user is a Registered User and they can upload images and move pages, whoopdie freakin doo.
This user is right-handed.
In Latin, they would be Dexter.
Fortune cookie 20040628 223108 1.jpg This user is being held hostage in a Chinese fortune cookie factory! Hope springs eternal.....and so does a wife's memory.... Help!
FA-22 Raptor.jpg This user is an aeroplane, and can be annoying. No offence to pilots.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG This user likes llamas, and rides them on a daily basis.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG See? Look at him. He really likes the llamas.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG No, seriously. That's him there, on the llama.

<-- See?

Llama Rocking Chair.JPG Stop scrolling down, and admire the llama. It's much more interesting than the actual userpage, trust me.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG What, you don't believe me? Fine, see for yourself. Don't blame me when you die from lack of llama.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG Whoa! You made it! Good job! Have some llama love!!

Then go away.

Shyny ub.jpg This user is easily distracted by anything shiny.
official This user is official. They get all their user boxes from here.
Userboxtradingcard.svg.png I collect userboxes as if they were trading cards, hoping that they may be collectors items worth something in the future.
Image-4.jpg Formerly lost among the dregs of society, this user has defected and crossed over from the dark side. Welcome to the machine....
RENT This space for rent.
Lube available.

Call 1-800-666-6666.


This user is a poopy lovely glycerin that likes to fumble while slutty no-frills rainbows roll his mesothelioma.
DramaticQuestionMark.png This user is the random cut-rate nuclear reactor that deterred his heel inside of your nuclear reactor so you must wash him/her with your cut-rate nuclear reactor.
Color This user likes random colored userboxes.
Bushfire.jpg This user is on fire. You can help uncyclopedia by throwing water on their head
This user is an ageless immortal, or so they like to think.
This user is a boy and is made of slugs, snails and puppy dog tails.
HeteroSym-pinkblue2.svg.png This user is straight, and so desires intimate relations with members of the opposite sex. The freak!
Userbox-single.svg.png This user is Single but is currently stalking someone.
JFKennedy.jpg This user shot J.F.Kennedy. DON'T TELL THIS USER'S MUMMY!
Bigbroeye.jpg Big Brother is watching this user...and YOU!
Angrygod.gif This user hates religion, and is a sinner through and through!
Eaclogo.jpg This user is a member of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy.

"We're after your children and pets."
free This user is interested in freethought as s/he sure as hell doesn't want to pay!.
Lq-dna.png This user monkey understands biological evolution and wishes to evangelise this fact.
? This user is anonymous. That is, numbskull, he or she doesn't want you to know who he or she is.
Bad User
This user is an asshole.
Please avoid direct contact.
Canadian snowman.jpg This user is cooler than you.
1337 This user is elite.
MEH This user redefines lazy!
Nuvola apps important orange.svg This user should not be trusted.
WOOHOOWOOHOOHOO.gif This user is so awesome he banged your mom last night.


This user's sex appeal is such that people around the world compulsively shout his/her name during intercourse.

Chromelogo.png This user uses Google Chrome, because it's Google.
Finder.png This user is a Mac User.
Eat up.
(List of Mac-Using Uncyclopedians)
US flag.png This user is American
...and unabashedly proud of it!
(List of American Uncyclopedians)
Europeanunion.svg This user is €uro
...and denies their "real" citizenship
(List of European Uncyclopedians )
Eurotrash.PNG This user is Eurotrash and provides a nude cleaning service for 10 Euros.

Militant atheist.jpg This user is a militant atheist.

GCarlin.jpg This user is a frisbeetarianist, and believes that when they die, their soul will fly up, and get stuck on the roof.

This user be a pirate in disguise.

LV-2 This user considers him/herself an intermediate gamer and so probably has some sort of social life.
DIFF E This user plays Video Games on the lowest difficulty setting available as winning makes them feel good about themselves.
Exquisite-kfm home.png This user prefers to play games on a PC as anything else is too complex.
Lostgame.png This user has lost the game!

Bread2.jpg This user is a cereal killer.
Mad scientist caricature.png This user is a Mad Scientist.
Napoleon4.jpg This user is not and has never been Napoleon.
Gefahrensymbol F.png
This user is a bit of a pyromaniac.

This user is frequently contacted by rich, foreign businessmen.

This user is a complete, irredeemable gymnasium. They are Bat Fuck Insane, and huffs at the gymnasium.
Bananaseizure.gif This user will give you a seizure.
Nuvola apps important.svg

This user is EXTREMELY RANDOM Be advised: Approach with caution and a sense of humor.

Kraspin.gif This user enjoys staring at spinning objects. They may be afflicted with Attention Deficit look at the birdie!.
You can help by paying for their Ritalin, or finding them a kitten to play with.

This is your last night
Your last chance
In this users hands
Die romantic

Gnome-speakernotes.svg This User's Favorite Sound is Feedback!
A wizard did it This user is fucking magical or something.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Ruff! Ruff Ruff! Arf! Arf!
EBG13-A Guvf hfre vf n angvir fcrnxre bs EBG13.
253951 photo.gif Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring....BANANAPHONE!!!!
Oops no web copy.JPG This user does not know how to shot web.
Head on.gif

HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, available at Walgreens.

JapaneseToiletBidet.jpg This user is a toilet! In Soviet Russia, toilet urinates on YOU!!
Magicninjas.gif This user is a magic ninja!
Hwinkler.jpg This user thinks that Mr winkler is GAY, quite annoyingly
Apple.jpg This user likes apples. Or he is one already.
.sdrawkcab si resu sihT

!degnellahc-yllatnoziroh TON si resu sihT :etoN
Uncyclopedia elzzup otatop.jpg
usbx This user likes to use userboxes.
Usb! No, really!


Color This user likes random colored userboxes.
Kid1.gif This user seriously needs to calm down.
[insert content here] This userbox is a filler, and therefore looks ugly.

DramaticQuestionMark.png This user can also be found elsewhere on the internet.
Crystal Clear app kcmdf.png This user likes to use redundant userboxes.
Dalmatian b 01.jpg This user owns one or more dogs as they need a cover for their stick fetish.
Amonite Cropped.jpg This user is interested in Fossils. Some call this necrophilia.
Heritage Routemaster.jpg This user uses public transport and so has most likely been mugged, raped or murdered.
Christmas tree.jpg This user wishes you a horrible wonderful Christmas!
Exploding-head.gif This user's head A SPLODE.
.EDOLPS A DAEH S'RESU SIHT Daeh-gnidolpxE.gif
ETP Help end hunger! Eat the poor!
Earth Western Hemisphere.jpg This person helps reduce over-population by killing people, thus helping the environment.
Bjorkbeams.jpg This user has eye beams.
Popeeyebeams.jpg This user has eye beams.
Epic Beard Man.jpg This user is pretty sure Epic Beard Man is his father
and is therefore dangerous.
(List of Illegitimate Children)
bu-0 This user does not speak Bullet and may result in injury if does so.
typo-N Tihs suser is s anative spealer fo Typo.
MS-N This user grew up in a forward-thinking family, and therefore always speaks his mind, you nerd.