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Please only add templates, and templates prefixed with user, to their respective page. This is to try and make a global prefix standard. However this does not mean you should remove templates without this prefix, or items which are not templates from the list.

If you would like to see a userbox created, MrX is a wannabe hotshot who thinks he's really good at stuff, so you can hit him up on his talk page. He'll likely have to pass some work onto someone much more talented, but something will get done.

The mobile-friendly width for userboxen is 278px so make them wider than that to spite mobile users lol

For more information please see wikipedia:Wikipedia:WikiProject Userboxes

If you need help, put the {{Help}} template somewhere in your userspace and someone will be along to assist you as soon as humanly possible (squeaky wheel gets the grease).


Languages[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Babel

General[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/General

Affiliation with Conspiracies or Other Organizations[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Affiliation with Conspiracies or Other Organizations

Attitude[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Attitude

Computing[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Computing

Countries, Religion, Politics and Culture[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Nationality

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Religion

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Political party or ideology

Games[edit source]

These userboxes are oriented towards games. 'Nuff said.

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Games

Groups[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Groups

Maths[edit source]

For lovers of numbers, or anyone related to Stephen Hawking.

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Maths

Mental maladies[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Mental maladies

Music[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Music

Ninjas[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Ninjas

Nonsensical[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Nonsensical

Self-referential[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Self-referential

Sports[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Sports

War, violence and giant explosions[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/War, violence and giant explosions

Unknown Foreign Content[edit source]

These are userboxes in languages of elsewhere. They're like those cool tattoos that you get but do not know the meaning of. Use at your own risk.

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Unknown Foreign Content

Bullet - speak to someone you hate!!![edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Bullet - speak to someone you hate!!!

Typo - For htose fo us stlil in Keyboardign 101[edit source]

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Typo - For htose fo us stlil in Keyboardign 101

Mindspeak — for people who speak their minds.[edit source]

Note: Use Mindspeakm if you are (or like to be thought of as) male, Mindspeakf if you are (or like to be thought of as) female. If you aren't sure, you're on your own. Sorry.

See Uncyclopedia:Templates/Userboxes/Mindspeak — for people who speak their minds.