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Religions and religion related topics included, in alphabetical order are: agnostics, antithiests, atheists, Buddhists, Catholics, Christians, diabolists, Discordians, frisbeetarianists, Jews, Mahm00shites, Mormons, Muslims, Pastafarians (Flying Spaghetti Monsterists), pluralists, Scientologists and Cthuhlians.

Code / Links / Description
This user is a militant agnostic
and is certain they are uncertain

This user is a skeptical agnostic
and doesn't know if s/he doesn't know

Militant atheist.jpg This user is a militant atheist.

Eaclogo.jpg This user is a member of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy.

"We're after your children and pets."
Angrygod.gif This user hates religion, and is a sinner through and through!
  {{TaoistUser}}  (links)
SatanBunny.jpg This user is Taoist, and believes in the divinity of all sentient beings. Don't be a dick or he/she'll kick your ass using Goa Tse Do.
  {{CatholicUser}}  (links)
Virgindeguadalupe.jpg This user is Catholic, and believes articles become featured through good works, not faith.
  {{User Christian}}  (links)
Lovejoybox.jpg This user is a Christian

(as long as they put a dollar in the box)

  {{DiscordianUser}}  (links)
Sacred Chao.png This user is a Discordian

-- at least in some sense.
  {{User sinner}}  (links)
Happysatan.jpg This user is a sinner, and bows before Satan.

GCarlin.jpg This user is a frisbeetarianist, and believes that when they die, their soul will fly up, and get stuck on the roof.
  {{JewishUser}}  (links)
Starofdavid.png This user is 50px-Jewish_link.GIF, and probably controls Uncyclopedia in some remote way.
  {{User JAP}}  (links)
Jew box image.PNG This user is a Jewish-American princess
and you will buy her some new shoes.
(List of JAPS)
  {{HonorJew}}  (links)
Jew.gif This user is hereby nominated an HONORARY JEW, and is entitled for all honors and persecutions as such.
  {{User fsm}}  (links)
Flying Spaghetti Monster.jpg
This user believes in the Noodly Appendage of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.
  {{MormonUser}}  (links)
Moroni.PNG This user is Mormon and believes all articles will be featured, but there will be 3 levels of VFH. He/she has a book that could change your life.
  {{MuslimUser}}  (links)
Muslimbox.jpg This user is Muslim. He/She believes all articles may become featured through submission to the will of Allah.
  {{User Pirate}}  (links)
Skullnbones.gif Pirates do it till you walk the plank.
  {{FSM Follower}}  (links)

Pasta be upon this user.

  {{PluralistUser}}  (links)
Abuffet.jpg This user is a Pluralist. Because to them, religion is like a buffet, a chance to pick and choose.
  {{Scientologist}}  (links)
Co$-50px.jpg This user has been purified.
Mahm00 shite This user is a follower of Mahm00schism. Bow before them!
Stolen-dildo.jpg This user is a faithfull Cthulhu follower
and knows how to pronounce
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.