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Users that speak 1337.

  • User does not understand this language.
  • Us3r has bas1c und3rstand1ng of th1s 1anguag3.
  • Us3r h4s 1n73rm3d1473 und3rst4nd1ng 0f 7h1s 14ngu4g3.
  • Us3r h4s 4dv4nc3d und3rs74nd1ng 0f 7h1s 14ngu4g3.
  • U53r h45 n34r-n471v3 und3r574nd1ng 0f 7h15 14ngu4g3.
  • U53r 15 4 n471v3 5p34k3r 0f 7h15 14n9u493.
  • U53r 5p34k5 7h15 l4n9u4g3 w17h 4 7h1ck 4cc3n7.
  • U53r 134rn3d 7h15 14n9u493 1n 5ch001 4nd n3v3r u53d 1t 51nc3.
  • Us3r g0t 4n F 1n th1s 1anguage.
  • U53r w4nt5 t0 r3m0v3 7h15 14n9u493 fr0m 3x1573nc3.
  • U53r h45 4 l15p 7h4t 4ff3c75 h0w 7h3y 5p34k 7h15 14n9u493.
  • U53r 15 4 pr0f4n3 5p34k3r 0f 7h15 14n9u493.
  • U53r 0n1y 5p34k5 7h15 14n9u493 3n0u9h t0 53duc3 n471v3 5p34k3r5 0f 7h15 14n9u493.

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