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This user created Sugar, an article originally requested on Uncyclopedia:Requested articles. Good for them us!
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I like to write and proofread. I write short stories in my free time, and also the occasional trollpasta on the TROLL PASTA WIKI, most of which have been received unsuccessfully. I also have a job writing short stories for the local newspaper, which is run by a few of my friends.

NOTICE: I had an old account called NahteKavlozs, it says that it was perma blocked, but I can't remember doing anything wrong with it.. If anyone knows, please tell me, because I would like to have my old username back.

ABOUT ME[edit]

I am a oozing glycerin who likes to terrorize past t-shirts. I was born with an extra urethra in my hometown of Hollywood, where I lived for -∞ kilobytes before moving to Sweet Home Alabama.

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