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My Official User Certificate![edit]

About Me![edit]

“What? You need a quote? I can't think of any f***ing quotes... ”

~ Some Anonymous A__hole on crack... I just asked for a freakin' quote!

I am here not to create my own funny, but rather to expound on the funny of others, thusly making it funnier. Were I to provide my own funny, the outpouring of laughter could possibly match the natural resonance frequency of humans, causing worldwide, spontaneous human explosion - or so it has been hypothesised by the Dr. Mr. Dr. Landy, Sr. I may compile a handful of my own articles, though I don't know when.

I serve the community by fixing the errors of others, by compounding on their articles, by fixing n00bs' articles by adding wikilinks and other necessary formatting so they don't look so butt-ugly (their articles... not the n00bs). There are quite a few stubs right now that I'm looking at expanding, but due to the skewed factor in life known as 'reality', I don't know how long these additions will take or even when they'll be completed.

But I did manage to get this quote last night (admittedly better than the one before), in the rare instance that one of you would doubt my awesomicity:

“Dude, this guy is possibly the awesomest of all Awesomicity - surely teh mEssiah returneth!”

~ Your Mom on the Awesomicity of my being (and by 'being', I mean 'donger')

(It may not be much, but it's a user page... whaddya expect?)

People Here Due To My Incredible Awesomicity[edit]

Articles I've Contributed To[edit]

Articles I've Cooked Up From Scratch[edit]

Articles I Plan on Working On or Creating[edit]

  • The Establishment - nothing yet...
  • Belgians - I gotta do something about this...
  • World Hunger - Because of my way cool tag at the bottom! :)
  • Other ones too numerous to mention at the moment...

Articles I've Ripped Apart, Shredded, And Subsequently Burninated[edit]

  • Yeah, right. Like I'd put anything here... I'm not a moron. (Not completely, anyways...)


Yeah, that's right! I'm American, baby!
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