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Protein.GIF I joined the Folding@home team, because I have nothing better to do with my computer.
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Ireland.jpg Joe wishes he was Irish.
But he isn't. How sad.
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Pie-AYah meeht nawt beh abble tew undersvand zis usehr behkuz zey zpeek Pie whif und estreemleh theuck akzent.
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sc-LThith uther thpeakth Scrabble with a really thexy lithp.
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...but wishes he was Irish!
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This space for rent.

The edit that I am making right now is my 300th edit!!!!![edit]

Okay, I'm a loser.

My Profile[edit]

I'm Joe, or Joe857. I'm a student slash web designer, even though I haven't created anything worth talking about. Ooh, and 857 was my kindergarden lunch number, so I use that.

Pages I have made or majorly contributed to[edit]

Pages I haven't made or contributed at all to[edit]

User profiles[edit]

I have made:[edit]

I have contributed to in a large extent:[edit]

I utterly dispise:[edit]



~ Cows on Joe857


~ Oscar Wilde on Joe857

“You already owe me a thousand dollars, and now you're asking for more?”

~ Mum on Joe857

“Look, kid, I'm not going to make a freaking Russian joke for you.”

~ Yakov Smirnoff on Joe857


~ User:`Josh on Joe857

“I actually let him live!? Jesus Christ!”

~ Jesus on Joe857